Secret Life of the American Teenager Trailer: Will Adrian Open Up?

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The Secret Life of the American Teenager kicked off its fourth season with a powerful episode, one that earned a perfect rating from our critic.

How will the ABC Family hit try to follow up? With "Another One Closes," an installment that focuses on Ashley forging ahead with her trip and Betty reaching out to Adrian.

Following such a tragedy with her baby, will she finally open up about her emotional state?

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I was a teenage mom. I had a baby when I was 18. I was not together with my son's Dad when he was born. We did how ever get back together and get married later. That is why I hope things work out for Ricky and Amy. I know it does not alway's work out for most,but it did for us. We have been married for 16 years and our son is 17. I love this show. Teenage pregnancy is not easy even if you are with someone, but it can work out when two people love each other, Amy and Ricky truly love each other.


Oh I hope Ricky is going to be friends with Adrian, BUT nothing more than friends!


brooke, this show is getting more and more realistic in a way. i'm loving the drama and i'm proud to be a fan. i really hope ricky stay true to amy, but i don't mind him being a friend to adrian because they do know each other well.


I sure hope Ricky will not do what I think he may do... Ahhh This show is making me crazy...

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