Suits Series Premiere Review: A New USA Duo

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The jury is in: USA Network has delivered another character-driven drama molded to match its diverse lineup of original summer programming.

On the Suits premiere, we meet Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), a college dropout with an extraordinary memory and a passion for the law. He teams with Gabriel Macht’s Harvey Specter, a sharp-tongued ace closer, making for an unlikely partnership between two dynamic leads.

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This budding bromance, forged on witty banter and film references, can officially be added to the quirky tandems that comprise USA Network originals (Shawn/Gus on Psych, Neal/Peter on White Collar), making Mike and Harvey a must-watch addition to any primetime schedule.

So, why is Suits original? Because the title stands for a lot more than just the tailored fabric of the corporate world. Carefully and artfully, both Mike and Harvey mask their respective realities.

They way he’s dressed, you’d never know Mike wasn’t really an attorney. The better he plays the part, the longer he’s likely to get away with it, which is a necessity given what we learn about his situation. Quick note, though: Mike may want to watch who, and how often, he asks for help filling out subpoenas.

Harvey, meanwhile, is beholden to firm partner Jessica Pearson, who apparently paid his way through Harvard Law School. Life is more complicated for both these individuals than they let on.

Enemies abound for each, as well. Harvey faces Louis Litt, who is determined to catch his rival in even the slightest of infractions. It's safe to assume he won't hesitate to turn him in should Harvey and Mike’s secret get out.

Mike faces his best friend Trevor, from whom Mike’s path has sharply diverged as a result of his chance encounter with Harvey. Will he be able to stay clean and keep his distance? And what’s with Trevor’s girlfriend? She seemed pretty sweet on Mike, which might make for a nice little love triangle running in the background. Let's hope it stays there for now.

I was impressed and intrigued by all the plots weaving in and out of this pilot. Not only were we introduced to some of the back stories and motivations of our leads, but we also learned about those around them.

Paralegal Rachel Zane is a brilliant researcher with ambitions to be a lawyer, thwarted only by her testing anxiety. Could Mike’s knack for law test-taking tempt him to ace the exam on her behalf later on?

And what about firm partner Jessica Pearson? What prompted her generosity towards Harvey all those years ago, and what should we make of it going forward?

As for the case: Mike discovered how the practice of law isn't something that can be perfected in books; only experience can make one understand it. The intrigue surrounding the company's obstruction of justice charge, which Harvey cleverly discerned, made all the difference in the outcome for their client.

It's these kind of examples - where the clients aren't just firms, but individual people - that will create a rewarding partnership for Harvey and Mike in their quest for second chances.

One thing’s for certain: Suits needed just 90 minutes to become one of this reviewer’s summer favorites. What did you think of the chemistry between Macht and Adams and the show overall?


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Jesus goddamn motherfucking Christ! In what world do perfectly normal, upright, and highly moral people not use God as a publically accepptable expletive?
This isn't the 1700's people.
Sometimes I seriously worry about America...........


In this morning, I've had a cable Comcast, and to on Demand, watch 1-2 EP, I found it a very much enjoy the show. it is a must damn intelligent, and a perfect story line.


Suits is clever, witty, and smart! The main characters Patrick Adams and Gabriel Macht aka Michael (Mike) and Harvey "bromance" is so refreshing to watch because each actor clever retorts plays off the other so effortlessly! This show is a legal joyride were the jury is IN!! The verdict? Totally guilty pleasure! Bravo!!


I truly enjoyed the show and found it clever and intelligent. I watched the second episode last night and was equally intrigued. I too agree that the language is a bit strong. What people are referring to are the multiple uses of GD (taking God's name in vain). I watch numerous shows on USA and TNT. Yes, those who argue it is a cable show are correct, but most of the shows I watch on these two networks may use the word GD only once every few episodes. This show used it multiple times in one hour. And again, in the second episode as well. It is unnescessary. And a suggestion of using the f-word...seriously people, this is not HBO and as such, I would find the use of the f-word in any USA network show VERY OFFENSIVE.


This is probably one of the most intellectually well thought out shows. People like myself will seriously appropriate a show like this. The language? I am not sure if you are watching the same show as me? In any case this show was very cleverly thought out, and will be sure to capture the attention of any great thinker!!!!


Great pilot, got me hooked! The chemistry between the two leads is strong and I enjoyed the mix of drama with a dash of humor. The characters have depth and I look forward to learning more about them. I also fail to see why people have an issue with the language. I didn't even notice anything offensive or unnecessary and would have to re-watch the episode and actually look for it. It's a cable show for crying out loud. What kid is going to be watching this understand it, let alone enjoy it?


I thought this was one of the most orginal, fresh, witty, intelligent, exciting new series I've seen in a very long time.
Loved everything about it. Especially the language. The banter. Everything. I only hope the writers can keep up the same pace they showed with the first espisode. Bravo.


Thought it was good, but the language was awful. In my world.people don't talk like that and I was so offended. I won't be watching again. unless the language is cleaned up.


I agree that Suits is an engaging show. But I, too was disappointed and offended by the continual blaspheme and other bad language. When it replayed, I counted 4 GDs in the first 6 minutes! Kids will be watching this show and don't need to think that language like that is acceptable. It is offensive and unnecessary. Why must we continue to lower our standards of decency? The show doesn't need this base language to gain an audience it is well-written and entertaining without the low-life lingo.

Ronald simkins

By language the posters meant that they didn't understand the vocabulary.

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Suits Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Mike: Look, I'm just trying to ditch the cops, I don't care if you let me in or not lady.
Lisa [after a nonverbal exchange with Harvey]: Mr. Specter will see you now. Can I get you anything? Coffee... water?

Jessica: We got paid before Gerald signed the deal?
Harvey: What are you talking about? This is a memo about some fire drill on Tuesday. You're the blue team captain, you get to wear a fire hat.