The Killing Creator Compares Finale to... The Sopranos?!?

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It's only natural for Veeda Sud to stand up for the season finale of The Killing. She did create the series, after all.

However, the showrunner sounds out of touch with the criticism being leveled at a conclusion that did not reveal Rosie's killer, but did randomly turn Holder evil. Check out what she told The Hollywood Reporter this week.

"It's a good feeling to know people are watching and talking about the show. I mean, the last time I felt this personally myself, and saw this type of reaction, was when The Sopranos ended its run. If the show can be in that company, it's a deep compliment."

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A couple notes here:

  • The Sopranos is not considered an all-time great due to how its finale left viewers in the dark over Tony's fate. Its reputation was built long before that, through tense, unique, gritty, emotional storytelling.
  • Sud appears to have fallen into the same trap as countless screenwriters since The Sixth Sense. The goal is not to shock just for shock value; it's not to base an entire film or season on an unexpected reveal. The goal is for that reveal to be a rewarding, logical payoff to a well-planned, well-paced story.

Sud is making one thing clear, at least. To encourage viewers who have vowed to not tune in next year, she says: "I want to let people know and assure fans that they will know who killed Rosie Larsen in Season 2."

What did you think of The Killing season finale?

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Nowhere near the Sopranos, but Season 2 has improved significantly, kind of like with the Walking Dead. At the very least this show is better than Hell On Wheels, though that one hasn't reached its sophomore year yet and for all I know it could leapfrog over tK next year. However, Mad Men and Game of Thrones are back, they will be difficult to compete with.


Sud didn't create the show, she copied it... from a better show... Then changed the best parts. One thing they did get right was the casting. Have to give props to whoever cast the show.


The only one comparing the show to the Sopranos is Sud. So it appears she is deeply complementing herself. She has a long career ahead of her in politics after the show dies. I was a fan early on, but lost interest when characters started doing things for no apparent reason (holder becoming evil), nad the plot just kept taking twist after twist taking us nowhere and no place of substance. Sud has ego and selfishness to spare but seemingly no humility. History shows again and again that when ego is the driving force behind art, the art always suffers. I could care less now about who killed Rosie. Sud is indeed out of touch.


i still think the councilman is the killer, they lack of evidence but i honestely believe in my theory. i love this show

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