Intriguing or frustrating? What was your reaction to the first season finale of The Killing?

The Killing Season Finale Photo

I think it was both fascinating AND frustrating! LOVE LOVE LOVE this show more than any other on tv! I watch and DVR every episode! I hope the councilman is just severely injured and not dead so that he can become mayor as soon as his name is cleared. First the teacher was beat almost to death when he didn't do anything, it would be beyond ashame if another person died for no reason related to Rosie's death. I KNEW there was something suspicious about Linden's new partner, but THAT took the cake! I LOVE that each episode only represents a single day! Definitely adds to the real-life feel of the show. I hope the first episode of the new season ties Rosie's murder up into a nice neat bow with the killer finally revealed and a new murder to solve leaving Linden to stay put, her "partner" de-badged and in jail for falsifying evidence, and a new season of wtf happens now to follow along!

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