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The Killing Producer Responds to Finale Firestorm

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Frustration. Anger. Betrayal.

Fans of The Killing experienced all these feelings and more after watching last night's season finale. For what reasons?

(SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you have not yet watched "Orpheus Descending." The following interview with showrunner Veena Sud reveals major plot points.)

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The murderer was not unveiled. Holder turned out to have a hidden, evil agenda. For a show whose tagline at the start of the season asked "Who Killed Rosie Larson," viewers were left reeling by what many feel was a manipulative, unsatisfactory conclusion.

What does Sud have to say about this?

"We never said you'll get closure at the end of season one," the producer told Alan Sepinwall of Hit Fix. "We said from the very beginning this is the anti-cop cop show. It's a show where nothing is what it seems, so throw out expectations... This season is 13 days in a high-profile murder investigation. And for the most part, most high-profile investigations don't get solved in 13 days."

Will we actually learn who killed Rosie on season two? Yes, Sud says.

"I can tell you there will be a resolution to this investigation in season two and there will also be the emergence of another case in season 2, but I can't tell you specifically where either of those happen."

As for the shocking reveal concerning Holder, Sud says it was always planned and that her team aimed to "create a sense and a perception of he's one thing, then the revelation, 'Oh no, he's not,' and then another twist on that idea."

Did they pull it off well? Were you left intrigued or just irritated? Respond now: What did you think of The Killing finale?


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I can see why everyone is thinking Holder is corrupt and in on this crime. But let's look at is another way. Holder wanted to arrest Richmond for several episodes. Linden kept saying there was not enough proof. Nothing tied him directly to Rosie. After Linden confronted Richmond in his apartment, Holder's first question was "Are we arresting him?" We don't know how Holder got that picture and as much as his final words in the season could place him in the middle of a cover-up, they could also simply mean the picture worked as evidence enough to arrest him and solidify him as the killer, what Holder thought all along. We see Linden get the call about the camera, for all we know, Holder has no idea the picture he brought in is doctored or fake. I guess we'll have to wait to find out. I like Holder and have a hard time thinking of him as a criminal.


The finale did it's job it has me hook for the next season. I think who killed Rosie was the billionair who has been funding the senator.


Terrific show, and I'm glad they hooked us for the return of the show, next season. It's so nice to NOT have the big reveal quickly, and it's so nice to actually have difficulty figuring out who did it, rather than figuring it out before the protagonists of the show do, like almost every other crime show out there.


can't wait for the show to be back, absolutely outstanding