The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Scoop: Revenge for Vicki?

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It's shocking, but true: Vicki is back on The Vampire Diaries.

In a moment that stunned Jeremy as much as it took viewers aback, Kayla Ewell's long-dead blood sucker showed up again to close out season two in May. What is on her resurrected agenda?

Vicki the Vampire

Vicki will tend to "unfinished business with my brother, my boyfriend, my ex boyfriend, with so many people," Ewell tells TV Guide. "I'm coming back with a vengeance. It's going to get crazy."

D'uh! This is The Vampire Diaries.

Sound off now, in the Comments section and/or our Vampire Diaries forum, and take your best guess: Why has Vicki returned? Is she a ghost? Actually alive again? WTH?!?

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Vicki is an awful character and the actress over-acts too much. Please no.


I think jeremy is dreaming.anna is killed by john & vicki by,there is no way they can came back to life.i have a question,jeremy is shooted by carolin's mother(police)he died for a while &came back by the effert of bonni,but what about his magic ring? The r/ship b/n nina&ian i say"waw i love it"


I'm so confused with this Jeremy/Vicki/Ana storyline.


i love all of them but i think that jerermy was cutest when he was with anna. viki scares me a lil bit


Well these are the consequences the witches warned about: I assume from now on Jeremy will be able to see and talk to dead people. It's probably the only supernatural thing we hadn't on the show yet.
And I really like Vicki...glad she's back:) Guess Damon has to watch his back when she's out there for revenge!


I loved both characters, and actually I loved Jeremy with all three girls, Vick, Anna and Bonnie. So I am mostly feeling very confused. ^^


does vikki really come back???and anna???
when will the first wpisode be released???
im a DESPO!


Don't think they're back, maybe because Jeremy died he can now see the dead?! But hey you never know on this show....


It is soo annoying seeing Kayla Ewell's plastic face every time I go on the Vampire Diaries home page!!! Vicky was so annoying, although that dance scene with Damon was pretty awesome.


I hate Vicki.
Hope Bonnie kick her ass. She was turning into a killing vampire bitch. If she's coming for vengeance, it has to be against Damon who turned her and Stefan who staked n killed her. So then...We'll see.
I really liked Ana, i loved the time her and Jeremy were together.
Wanna know what she's up to, and whats her reason for coming back

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