True Blood Shower Scene: Confirmed!

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We weren't kidding, Team Eric members, you really can celebrate.

Confirming what many have suspected/hoped for, True Blood creator Alan Ball says season four of his HBO hit won't follow the fourth book in Charlene Harris' series exactly - but the famous shower scene depicted in "Dead to the World" will take place at some point this summer.

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"It is not a direct re-enactment," Ball tells Michael Ausiello. "It goes to a slightly different place... [but] Sookie and Eric are in the shower together. Everybody who’s been waiting for Sookie and Eric to hook up, this will be a very good season for them.”

Ball also detailed the
role of Scott Foley, who will debut on the season four finale and then recur throughout season five.

“He was Terry’s platoon leader in Iraq,” the producer says of Foley’s character, Patrick. “So they [share] a military history," which, according to rumors, involves Terry saving Patrick's life on more than one occasion.

True Blood returns with a new episode on Sunday. Check out its official promo NOW.

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Team ERICK,all the way,am a sucker for forbidden love,,,am also on team DAMON in the vampire diaries,,,anyway,we need a break from bill n the creepy way he says "SOOKIE" LOL!


Hey you guys. :-) I'm a big fan. I just have to say that you HAVE TO read the True blood Books! Much better than the series :-) And yes, for all who are wondering, Sookie and Eric are very much a couple later in the books! But so are Sookie and Bill, so you see - everybody is right. But Bill is much more evil in the books I think! :-) And Eric really does love Sookie. But really the show have ruin the whole story with Sookie with the whole feary thing, it was much better in the books and didn't went so far until much later. I also thing many storylines in the show are boring. Like Tara, B O R I N G, and the whole baby is evil, and the Sam thing is boring. That's cause vampire's are so much cooler than witches and wearwolfs.


Thanks, Patrick! (Spoiler)I read it somewhere, cant remember where. Russel returns in season 5! Eric better run. I hope Eric will be safe, but I have a feeling Russel may go after Bill first, he Stole his


Russel returns in Season 5!


@Dollie: I don't know when Russel will return but in 4x02 Eric tries to kill this old witch and they put a curse on him.


Cant Wait till season 4 Episode 3, anyone can tell me what happend to eric and when does russell return


Mmmkay, but buying someone's house so you can own them is generally considered creepy, not romantic. So creepy tunnel-vision hot sherrif or creepy hot vampire CIA agent. Meh. Put them all in the shower for all I care.


at last!


For the guy who said Eric/Sookie are the core couple of the books:
So, do you mean, they're endgame in the books? Omg, I so need to read them!


@Sue I whole heartly agree! So True. That is what makes Eric so appealing and the right choice for Sookie. Your statement: Eric just seems to lay it all out there, instead of hiding it. Eric still has a past and is still a mystery, however NOT a wish I never layed eyes on Mystery. Eric's feelings/love are genuine,even down to fixing Sookie's destroyed house,the back door, buying a nice stain-less steel microwave, and those cute/sweet notes! LOL BTW: Bill could have bought sookies house like Eric did, now he's king, but no he gave up on her, Eric didn't. Eric and Sookie's Chemistry is off the meter. Bill always has a secret, just more to keep from sookie, planned her brutal attack/stalked her,etc how could anybody want somthing like that? Heck the dude didn't even wait a good month after he saw sookie was alive before sexing someone else! The reason Sookie feels attached to Bill still is because he was her first everything and to find out that bill's feeling were planned and not real was heartbreaking, now she'll see Eric's feelings/love is the real deal.

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