TV Fanatic Presents: Movie Fanatic!

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Attention, readers: Are you a fan of what TV Fanatic has done with the television industry? Do you visit the website everyday for the latest reviews, spoilers, photos, quotes and more?

If so, thank you. Also: please visit our new sister site, Movie Fanatic.

Logo, Take 3!

As the name suggests, this is THE online destination for everything a film fan could ever want: trailers, reviews, box office results, casting news, editorials and so much more.

Head over there right now, bookmark it and expand your Fanaticism. We'll meet you there!

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@Aries93 - Not yet, but that is one of many cool features we have planned for the future!


Am in,,,nice thot btw.


Oh really? I loil forward to this. Just one question: Can we still use our TV Fanatic account or do we need to start a new one?


What took you soooo long? I've been asking myself why not do something like this for movies!? See you there!