The New TV Fanatic: What Do You Think?

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Same terrific content. New look. Fresh features.

As many of you have likely noticed, TV Fanatic has undergone a site transformation. We are still working out many kinks, but the improvements include:

  • Bigger, prettier photos.
  • Threaded Comments.
  • Faster load time.
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There is A LOT more to come. This is a work in progress.

But while we fix various bugs and work to solve occasional issues, we want to hear from you, our loyal TV Fanatics. What about the site do you like best? Where could we improve? What problems have popped up since the relaunch?

Leave a Comment below with your opinion.... or email us at Webmaster@TVFanatic... or send a private message to Editor-in-Chief Matt Richenthal and/or Co-Founder/Programmer Extraordinaire Eric Hochberger.

Our readers are the lifeblood of our site and we want to make sure you are as happy with the TV Fanatic experience as we are to deliver it on a daily basis. The lines of communication are wide open. Please go ahead and use them!

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Since around the season finale of Sons of Anarchy i've had major problems logging into my profile.It persists to this very day and it totally bums me out. When i click the sign in button the log in page doesn't pop up anymore.It always used to but now it just doesn't.Please keep in mind this is all on the mobile site.I have even tried on multiple cell phones,but to no avail. Username:Ilk_vomit
Over 500+ comments

Drea xoxo

Wait no i've figured it out =] don't worry about it. only the login detail now


Oh yeah.. the new profile pages look awesome! Good work.
Next thing to do: TVF rankings, bring'em back. :) Thanks.

@ Neejan

I promise you it's high up on the list. We just have a few more pressing new features to add and bugs to fix first. We appreciate the loyalty of our biggest commenters more than you can imagine! I fully want you to get credit for all you do to help with our community..


Thank you for fixing the comments on the profile page and putting back the number of comments we've created and are favorite shows

@ marissa

You're welcome. Thank you for helping make this a better site!

Drea xoxo

i was wondering, how in this new design, can we edit the tabs to our favourite shows again?

@ Katerina's Gladiator

Yes, you should be able to do this under account by choosing your favorite shows. If it's not working for you, it may be a caching issue that can take a bit to update! Let me know if it's not...

Drea xoxo
@ Eric Hochberger

It's removed the tv shows but i'm still unable to adjust the tab order =/ thank you for your replying and tip it is much appreciated and other than that i am loving the new design :)


Why do you not review all shows? How do you pick shows to be reviewed? How do you get a job with you?


I am curious, what happened to the Hawaii Five 0 reviews?

@ Jenny

They're coming back! Our usual reviewer has been busy moving across the country.

@ Eric Hochberger

Awesome. I love reading the reviews to compare my thoughts with theirs.

Sue ann

I am also having to sign in every time I comment, and don't appreciate it a bit. Oddly, when I am not "signed in", but click profile, it brings me up anyway. I don't like losing my "regular character" status, nor losing those of the others. It was one way I knew who was already vetted, and who wasn't. I find that the pages load much more slowly now. And I too would like to have the oldest first, and the newest last. I preferred the old line boxes to these wide lines. They make following a comment string kind of hard.

@ Sue Ann

I'm sorry. We will definitely be working on the log in issues. As I've said in comments below, your points have not been lost. We will come up with a great new commenter status system and absolutely appreciate the vetted users!

Let me rethink the comment design and I'm sorry about the page loads. We're always trying to optimize the speed and will see if there's anything else we can do.


I'm a longtime reader but have never commented before. I love the redesign! Very fresh and modern. Keep it up, TV Fanatic!

@ GB

Well this was a great time to start. Thank you!


much better quality pictures to view, thank you. keep it up.

@ lee

And they'll only get better! We have some fun slideshows and other picture-related features coming soon!