TV Fanatic: Writers Wanted!

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TV Fanatic is looking for a handful of Super (Duper!) Fans to come on board, have fun, interact with readers and build their portfolio by doing something you already love to do:

Watch television.

Do you want to review shows for a site that garners over 10 million page views per month? This is your chance.

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To apply for a position, please send the following to

  • At least one writing sample, preferably in the nature of a review (links are acceptable);
  • A description your past writing experience; 
  • An explanation of why you are interested in this opportunity;
  • What type of television you're interested in reviewing (drama, comedy, reality), what you watch now and what you're looking forward to seeing.
  • Thoughts on what sets you apart from other writers, what makes your voice interesting.

If you've posted on TV Fanatic, we'd love to take a look at your engagement, so send along your username. We're looking for team players, people with enthusiasm and passion for television. 

For your contributions, we offer a very large audience, promotion of your work and the chance to include along with each review your Twitter handle, blog link, etc.

Don't just read TV Fanatic. Become a TV Fanatic and make your voice heard.

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.


When do we know if we got the job or not?


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Do we have to be a certain age? Can we use any type of writing sample like a short story?


Do we need to submit the supporting elements in a Microsoft word document or can they written as it is in the mail?


Hello, Carissa! Whenever 'watching TV & writing' are put together, I feel like jumping at it since those are two of my favourite things. I'm a huge binge-viewer, but I'm also an English teacher from Portugal which I believe will prevent me from applying, right?

@ ladyhawk

Just wanted to say hi, I'm from Portugal as well

@ Rikneu

Hi there! Small world...

Matt richenthal
@ ladyhawk

Hi - Do you mean you reside in Portugal? We would need writers to be on a U.S. viewing schedule, yes.

@ Matt Richenthal

That's what I thought...Thank you.


What type of writing sample are you looking for?

@ MysteryRB

Whatever you feel is representative of your voice and your writing abilities.

@ Carissa Pavlica

Does it have a deadline? Cause I want to send it!