TV Fanatic: Writers Wanted!

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TV Fanatic is looking for a handful of Super (Duper!) Fans to come on board, have fun, interact with readers and build their portfolio by doing something you already love to do:

Watch television.

Do you want to review shows for a site that garners over 10 million page views per month? This is your chance.

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We're seeking people like these:

  • People to cover reality TV: You love Love & Hip Hop? The Bachelor? Real Housewives? Teen Mom? We want you on board!
  • People who love crime procedural dramas: Can't live without NCIS: LA? Hawaii Five-0? 
  • Chicago P.D.? CSI: Cyber? Murder in the First? Make our home, your home!
  • Gaga for genre shows like Sleepy Hollow? Want to ride in the TARDIS with Doctor Who? Grow up with Batman on Gotham? Get it off your chest right here. 
  • Maybe comedy is your thing? Do you have something really special to say about Family Guy? black-ish? Maybe The Simpsons? Or Fresh Off the Boat? How about Girls on HBO? Laugh with us.
  • Are you willing to cover gems undiscovered to you, but of interest to our readers? We need you on board.
  • Are you always making lists of the best and worst of television? Reasons to watch and remember seminal moments in TV history? Slideshows might be your thing. Talk to us about it. 

To apply for a position, please send the following to

  • At least one writing sample, preferably in the nature of a review or slideshow (links are acceptable);
  • A description your past writing experience and why you are interested in this opportunity;
  • Where you might fit in the above spectrum of people we're seeking, what you watch now and what new shows you're looking forward to seeing;
  • Your technical experience level with CMS products like WordPress or similar programs;
  • Thoughts on what sets you apart from other writers, what makes your voice interesting.

If you've posted on TV Fanatic, we'd love to take a look at your engagement, so send along your username. We're looking for team players, people with enthusiasm and passion for television. 

For your contributions, we offer a very large audience, promotion of your work and the chance to include, along with each review, your Twitter handle, blog link, etc.

Don't just read TV Fanatic. Become a TV Fanatic and make your voice heard.

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.


I'd totally do it if it was even a small paid position as I'm a stay at home mom looking for some regular writing work,but alas no one seems to be looking for that,lol.


I would do it in a heartbeat if I was a writer. Sounds like a dream job. However, I am no writer, just a fan of 3 of the crime drama's mentioned. I hope you find someone soon to cover them, I really missed their reviews this week. Although I don't think I have seen CSI Cyber reviewed at all this season.

@ Amy

As much time as I spend commenting on other peoples reviews I might as well be writing one, but I am not a writer either.
There don't seem to be many people anywhere that are interested in reviewing CSI Cyber this season. I was disappointed in season 1. Maybe past reviewers and potential reviews were also. I would think it would be tough to review a show you didn't like.

@ sojourner

I'll tell you what I told Amy. Let me be the judge of your skills. :-) Review something and send it to me! I was once a commenter on a site. Look at me now!


I write on this site constantly. Especially about SVU. I will be writing about more shows as time goes on. I can sometimes be a little nasty. No curse words.