Will Lisa Edelstein Return to House?

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Lisa Edelstein is out as a series regular on House. That much is certain.

But might this actress return at the outset of season eight? To at least give fans some closure? It's conceivable, but unlikely, producer David Shore tells Entertainment Weekly.

“We have to plan for her not coming back," he said. "It might be interesting to get her in for an episode or two somewhere to wrap up Cuddy, probably would make fans happy, but we have to plan unfortunately on her not coming back because there’s no indication that she would at this point.”

Cuddy and Cop

The shocking season finale actually did set things up well for Cuddy to exit - wouldn't you change jobs if your subordinate plowed a car into your home? - but Shore says the episode was written under the assumption that Edelstein would return.

As for next season, "there definitely may well be more than one" person taking over Cuddy's job - and he urges fans not to panic.

House is not going to be totally changed or different.. We have a veteran team of writers and we are not going to let the show take a nosedive eight years in. We just won’t. Bear with us fans. We will turn this into an opportunity I promise. We will find a way to bring something new to the show that will get them excited again. It’s allabout turning obstacles into opportunities. That’s what life is all about. It is a bummer for sure. I loved Cuddy and Lisa but it’s done and now we move forward."

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If the new someone doesn't breath Life into the new Doctors I feel that this show will end.


The show hasn't been the same since Lisa Edelstein left House. Cuddy kept the show together as Houses boss. I feel that watching Foreman to take the place of Cuddy is unrealistic being that he was a crappy Doctor himself.


She won't come back. She has spoken out against the show and will not and never wants to return


Don't worry. She got to get naked again on the most recent episode of "Children's Hospital." She won't be out of work for long.


Hard to understand why she would be unwilling to come back to a show she loved and that advanced her career so much in order to set things straight by doing one or two (at least) guest appearances. I wonder if LE feared being dumped unceremoniously like Jennifer Morrison, now that the Big H/Cuddy Romance was over??
I wish she would help them finish it out at least. C'mon Lisa E...


I don't want her to leave but we wait and see how it will work without her I don't see the show lasting long without even if is the last season


By the sound of it LE is either going to turn up on Desperate Housewives or she really did believe the hype that surrounded her winning Peoples Choice and set her price for season8 at a unbelievable amount. Either way she has basically given The House PTB and her fans the finger.


Is she moving on cause she wants to do something else or be with family...or is it a holdout for more money. Either way, it is a shame that after all the money and fame the show brought her, she won't sign on to do a couple of shows for closure... Also she could have some great fights with House to end it, plus doesn't House have to go to prison for this, plus using Wilson script pad????


I really hope they end up pulling a prison break and bringing her back after fan backlash :P

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