Chad Michael Murray: Down with Return to One Tree Hill!

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A couple of familiar faces will return for the final season of One Tree Hill. But there's only one star many fans are clamoring to see again:

Might Chad Michael Murray ever come back to the show that made him famous? The actor told E! News this week that he'd love to.

Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton

"I honestly haven't heard a word. I haven't heard anything," Murray said. "I know how much the fans want it, and for the fans, I think I would definitely do that. Absolutely. But I don't know where they're taking the storyline. It's all up in the air. I'm supposed to start shooting another movie in September, so if everything works out, we'll give one for the fans."

We'll keep you updated on Murray's status. You just keep praying, TV Fanatics.

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i hope chad and hilarie come back for the finale, i want it to end how it began with all them together. i hope they work it out especially if chad might be shooting a movie in september and hilarie on white collar, but with it being thr finale and its seems more confindent on both sides. now we just need the new cw boss and one tree hill directors to talk with them. i really hope we see them and sawyer at the end. i miss them so much :) and yes tv fanatic we are praying :)


I'm really hoping he does and hilarie they need to. Oth can't end without them. And if we don't see them in s9 or at least lucas we'll know it wasn't chad's fault and that mark didn't want it to happen. And that will really piss me off as i've been a fan since the beginning and I want to see chad and hilarie back (think most people do). Hope mark does give the fans what we've all been wanting or that'll be a big thanks for nothing.


YES!! This is the news I've been waiting for! One Tree Hill needs to end with Lucas and Peyton.


I so want to see both hilary and chad, so this news gives some hope, so yes tv fanatic we are praying ;)


BEST NEWS EVER! Atleast this gives us a little hope for their return right?

Uncle jackass

I just realise with Hilary Burton now off for a semi-arc it could mean we could see Peyton again. Yay!!

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