Coming to Bones: Protective Booth, Blossoming Brennan

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Bones does not return until November 3. It's disheartening, we know.

When the Fox drama does grace our screens for the first time this fall, we will be treated to a blossoming Brennan and a very protective Booth, according to EW.

The whole team, EW says, will officially be "on Brennan Watch" when the show returns, given that her pregnancy, like star Emily Deschanel's, will be at the stage were "she has trouble maneuvering around Booth’s kitchen in the morning."

Expect "typical Brennan reactions" to their offers of help, naturally.

In the Waiting Room

Executive producer Stephen Nathan previously stated that the seventh season premiere will pick up after a moderately-long time jump in Brennan's third trimester.

In other news, the above teaser means our fair Temperance will be maneuvering around Booth's kitchen, in the morning. Think about it. What's not to love there?

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With any great show just as in life everything changes. this is a new dynamic that will add to show if done right. she has no clue about motherhood or being a parent and her genius will not help her as goes along. she rarely shows emotion and now they can add that dimension to her character. it also brings possibility of father and brother to return. can't wait for season to start.


it was never ALL about has been about the bones/booth interaction since day one.


Guess who's alos coming to Bones? Their baby Girl!


When i found out that bones won*t come back until november i was pissed but then i remembered my birthday is october 30th so i thought : hey late birthday gift.
To all the baby storyline haters, LEARN TO LIVE WHITH THAT!!


I love Bones but please don't let it become another Moonlighting! That was a great 80s show with the 'will they or won't they' chemistry until they 'did' because they wrote Cybil Shepard's pregnancy into the story and it was all downhill after that. They tried to save it by Maddie 'miscarrying' but did it in a way that enraged alot of people because 1. The episode was total nonsense ..2. Bruce Willis played the unborn child and it was just stupid ..3. They made light of the miscarriage. I don't know how Bones will turn out but I hope they name him Andy ( or her Andi)!


I love Bones but please don't turn this into another Moonlighting! That was a great 80s show with 'will they or won't they' tension till they 'did' because they wrote Cybil Shepard's pregnancy into the story & then they made an episode where Bruce Willis played the unborn child that ended in a miscarriage that enraged alot of peo


@Uncle Jackass;
I don't know about you but i'll give Booth in the interrogation room for protective Booth holding a crying baby any day of the week...

Uncle jackass

It does seem that this show is becoming all about babies not BONES.

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Sometimes the best things in life happen against the odds.


Booth: I worked really, really hard on my vows, but you know, now that we're here, look, um, hey. Do you remember the last time that we were here? Standing right around in this spot? It was right in the beginning before we really knew each other. I was trying to get away from you because you were irritating me and, uh, you chased me down, and you caught up to me and I said to you 'listen, I just have to get all my ducks in a row' and you said to me--
Brennan: I can be a duck.
Booth: Yeah. You know we had been chasing each other for a long time. Chasing each other through wars and serial killers and ghosts and snakes. And now chasing you has been the smartest thing that I have ever done in my life. And being chased by you has been my greatest joy. But now, we, uh, we don't have to chase each other anymore because we caught each other.

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