Covert Affairs Review: Saved by Shots

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For the first time this season, an episode of Covert Affairs left me wanting a lot more. "The Outsiders" had its entertaining moments, but there were definitely more aspects that didn't work than those that did.

The problems have to begin with the utter lack of Peter Gallagher. I'm aware that every character isn't going to be able to be fit in every week, but I will complain week in and week out when Sandy Cohen fails to make it on screen.

Annie Captured

The complications continued with the strange realignment of personnel. Auggie was back in his comfort zone, but Reva - still being in the department and out in the field no less - continued to throw me. At the end of last episode, it seemed like she was going to head back to where she came from, but "The Outsiders" began with her out with Annie. Why was there hardly an explanation for why she was still working with them?

I understand that Jaimie Alexander was probably paid to do a couple episodes, but that's no excuse from a storytelling perspective. Why they would send such a newbie into the field didn't make much sense. Granted, it wasn't supposed to be as challenging a mission as it turned out to be, but let's take a few more precautions here. This is the CIA.

As much of the hour was spent with Annie and Reva attempting to escape the Belarusian police, we were able to witness a number of Ms. Walker's talents. Her fantastic linguistic skills came into play as she sweet-talked and sang with the dumb Belarusian guards, but it was her ability to throw back three straight shots of strong vodka that really allowed her to escape their grasp.

A lesson from Covert Affairs: Learning to drink mass quantities of vodka can help you in difficult situations!

She is certainly smart, but if she is so intelligent, why was she attempting to help Reva walk by bracing her strong leg? Instead of the one with the ankle she sprained earlier? There's your goof of the week right there!

The most interesting part of the episode, though, was left to Danielle, who showed just how much she cares about her sister. She was sincerely worried about Annie and her passport, which makes me upset that she has no idea what her sister does for a living. Will they ever allow Danielle to know the truth? If not, it's going to get more and more difficult to not portray her as such an ignorant individual.

Annie's excuses are good, but they're not THAT good. Danielle should be a bit more suspicious by now.

Also interesting? The fact that Annie and Reva were saved because the former wanted to take the unexpected route. Auggie knew she would do the unexpected. I knew she would do the unexpected. So why wouldn't the bad guys know she would do the unexpected? In the CIA game, you have to figure that the unexpected is the standard. It's a mind game, and you have to think four steps ahead of your enemy. The expected move might really be the better choice in some instances. Now my head is starting to hurt.

At least we learn the truth about Auggie's blindness next week. Hard to imagine that won't make up for this misstep of an episode.


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I think the episode was missing someone like Peter Gallager or Eion Bailey. The problem is there is no continuity from seson 1,and we're not seeing many of the ensemble characters we saw in season 1.Arthur,Henry and Ben. Also Danielle should not know that Annie works for the CIA It adds to the drama and mystery ,hopefully for a long time.


Reva's plan might have gotten them recaptured and sent to jail but they were almost captured heading for Ukraine anyway. Neither plan was smarter. It would have been better to have this episode later in the season. I like Reva's character, it's just since she's not the star, she came off as paranoid, naive, and scared in comparison to Annie.


Jai looked really hot in this outfit!


that dint come out right...i mean she should have been better in the field and not shown so idiodically(the show is great, one of my favs, just dint like the episode..)


what a waste of Jamie's talents on a show like Covert Affairs..


Pro tip, writers : If you manage to land an actress who was an athlete and actually looks like she can kick ass, as opposed to Piper "Oh aren't I just as cute as a button?" Perabo, you should actually use that to your advantage, as opposed to writing her character as a poor man's Temperance Brennan. God, of all the ways you can write Jaimie Alexander on your spy show, and you ruin it like that. That's a shame.


Wow, that was a mess of an episode, a lot of nonsensical decisions(as mentioned in the review, Annie bracing the wrong leg when they were walking). Joan seriously wanted to play 60 million for them literally hours after they were captured. Your county has no money, they can`t afford to pay that for 2 people who can probably escape by themselves(which they did). Reva out in the field was simply idiotic. Annie could just as easily planted the fake rock on the ground by herself. I know the show doesn`t pride itself on its superb storytelling and plot lines but they could at least try to have some semblance of logic in their episodes.


dan,the bad guys don't know our impulsive,into altruistic suicide annie like jai,auggie and we do. loved watching joan make mincemeat out of the state department rep. poor guy squirmed in his seat. nice to see jai off-to-rescue-annie-again wilcox out of a suit and on a motorbike. he needs to come to terms with his feelings towards annie. where's will,the psychotherapist this season? and auggie,why hasn't he ever made a pass at annie? he doesn't even tease her in that way. he teased reva. why does annie seem to be hands off to him?


When I saw the episode I didn't understand why Reva was there in first place on the field with Annie till later on when the show began, but still it was a good episode and Peter Gallagher not in that episode didn't make a lot of difference to me as a fan! It was good to see Reva again because I like Jaime Alexander she is a good actress I hope she come back again for Cameos! As always love seeing Auggie even if only came out for few spots during the episode which didn't matter which at least we saw him anyway and my favorite as always seeing him and Annie together! Magical the chemistry between Piper and Chris have on screen just those two alone steal the show! I love that Danielle is finally slowly finding out a few things that didn't seem right going on with Annie which is good! Which is about time Danielle starts finding out that Annie is a spy? Not yet but little by little! I'm curious to find out how she will react when she knows the truth about her sister!


Yes the reason she was there was explained in the beginning. It was her project in the rocks and since it was an easy plant, it would be good experience for her. It just turned sour. And yes Danielle will eventually figure it out, but why should she be suspicious? Annie hasnt given her reason to be yet. I agree with Sarah, I'm beginning to think you don't like this show either.

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