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Because Halie
after that they had her funral and they had to go to gerif cousling everyone escape JJ and Hotch also the reason Hotch was asking them how they felt about it was so he could tell if he needed to let them in on it


Just throwing this out there... how do we know they DON'T know she's alive. Reid did say before JJ stopped him 'I didn't get a chance to say goodbye'. Sure JJ did say - she never made it off the table - but how do we know that wasn't an act put on by them all with how they were all sitting in the waiting room. Maybe they put the act on just incase Doyle was watching close by. Just saying... :)


I just hope they don't do the Ziva thing where after the brought her back from her thing it kinda of trun her into a whinning bitch


I think that Morgan and Reid will be very upset because they took her death really hard. and yes they where very close to Emily especially Morgan. however I do think they will eventually understand why they did this.


so I wonder if Emily death is the reason why that congressman want to shut down the BAU and Hotch and JJ bring her back to show why the BAU is imporant


I agree with Michael. Undoubtedly it will affect Morgan and Reid the most. Those two spent more time with Prentiss, they shared the same space in the bullpen, they tend to get partnered up the most. Honestly, I think Morgan is going to be livid. I felt he would be the most pissed off over it all (and I've been looking forward to seeing it because I feared the others would take it all graciously and realistically people would be super pissed off over the level of dishonesty and mistrust). I'm glad to hear that Reid will have a tough time taking it in too, for the mere fact that it will make things interesting. The man's always getting left by people in his life so I love that they'll explore the realistic aspect of him being hurt and betrayed.


Correction: Prentiss's last episode was the episode "Lauren"


I think it will affect Morgan and Reid the most, more Morgan if you ask me because of their past. But I can see reid as well I believe Rossi would be more piss at Hotch for not trusting him but I bet he will understand in the end.

Peneople will most likely just be glad that she back so I think she will be fine

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