In Plain Sight Review: Moving On & Moving In

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"Provo-cation" threw me for a loop in ways I didn't see coming.

First, Mary gave up her spirit guide?!? I'm ridiculously disappointed by that. I'm sure Marshall and Abigail will take good care of Oscar, but I liked the idea of Mary and her canine sidekick.

Besides, I thought Oscar's goofy, slobbery face looked far happier when he was hanging out at the Shannon residence.

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Then, Marshall and Abigail decided to move in together. They've got the dog. They're getting the house. What's next? Can the 2.3 kids be far behind? I like Abigail, but this relationship is moving along faster than I expected and I'm not sure I like it.

I seem to be torn between wanting to see Marshall happy and this irrational desire to see him with Mary, even though the left side of my brain tells me they probably wouldn't work. What can I say? Apparently the heart wants what the heart wants - and mine doesn't seem to want Marshall with Abigail.

The PTSD story was really gripping, although I thought John could have broken through that bathroom door long before Marshall and Abigail arrived.

I suppose I'll give the writers creative license on that one because I'm not sure I want to know what he would have done once the door was down.

The near suicide at the funeral was such a heart wrenching scene and really well played by Joel Gretsch. That man's eyes were so expressive it was hard not to get sucked in.

I also liked that Marshall made Mary stay in the car and, for once, she didn't argue. Perhaps the realities of her pregnancy were starting to sink in.

Major Provo and Mary had some nice chemistry and, although this was a one episode guest spot, I'd love to see him back for more.

Overall, the hour was a little light on humor, but I loved when Mary and Marshall were debating new WITSEC tag lines such as...

Marshall: It's better than Fallujah. That's our new bumper sticker right?
Mary: It's either that or WITSEC: It's not just for mobsters anymore. | permalink

I'm glad In Plain Sight gave us a break from the adoption drama this week via a strong WITSEC-based story. However, with only two episodes left this season, Mary's baby daddy can't be far behind. There's a monkey wrench I won't want to miss.


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I'm trying to decide if the scene where they advertise the car's navigation system was deliberately written that awkward. Maybe the writers are rebels at heart, deeply unhappy with these product placements forced on them? I liked the rest of the episode, but that just took me right out of the story and had me laughing out loud.


Let me just get this out the way, If Marshall and Mary don't end up together I am more than happy to have Mary end up with Luke and I really hope they bring him back. They just fit together so well and if Mary ends up with anyone other than Marshall, it should be Luke. Now, I loved this episode, it was acutally one of my favorites of the series. I loved the plotline, the acting and the love connection for Mary. I especially loved these lines: Luke: The Army is pretty good at top secret.
Mary:Say "hi" to wikileaks.
Luke:Seal Team 6 says Osama Bin Laden had a slightly different story to tell. I just loved that. Loved this episode and Joel Gretsch was perfect.


The show has been off the rails for yet another season. Who is writing these arcs? It's ridiculous and unpleasant to view. I feel like this pregnancy storyline is the beginning of the death palsy of the show. Mary hadn't seen her ex in 20 years and not only has an ONS with him, she doesn't manage her own fertility?!? Then she neglects her high risk pregnancy until it's too late for an abortion. Now her ridiculously stupid family thinks that adoption is no more significant than giving away a puppy. With Brandi's recent history of drug use and sales she could hardly qualify to adopt a new hairstyle much less a human infant. The writers seem to be throwing out as much material as they can in the faint hope that something works. They've discarded every single bit of show and character history that once made IPS a good show, so let's hope they don't do too much more lasting damage before they're replaced yet again next season. Maybe the 3rd (or is it 4th?) set of writers and new characters are better next year.


I agree with C. in Orlando.....this was definitely a good episode, but with a few surprises that we don't expect so soon, and also not as much humor and banter between Marshall and Mary. But, with that said, I really liked the growing chemistry, and after-appreciation of the situation, between Mary and Maj.Provo !! I sure hope they bring him back for at least another episode or two !! Even though there is a part of me that wants to see Mary and Marshall be together, I think I know that deep down, they are really better off just being each others' partners and best friends ! It works for them, and we know they will do anything for each other, but, the romantic part of the equasion is probably best left out.
Although, I don't see Marshall ending up with Abigail either, so maybe there is hope for Mary still ?!


I can't believe she gave up Oscar! I hope she gets him back when Marshall and Abigail finally break up. They're way too happy for it to last.

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In Plain Sight Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Mary: No, not the actually face.
Marshall: Not my favorite face.

Marshall: It's better than Fallujah. That's our new bumper sticker right?
Mary: It's either that or WITSEC: It's not just for mobsters anymore.