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-A soldier, John Stills witnesses his superior officer selling weapons to the enemy and ends up in WITSEC.

-Major Lucas Provo helps with military security. He and Mary immediately clash but when John shows symptoms of severe post traumatic stress disorder, the Major takes the lead.

-John blames himself for a fellow soldier's being shot. When the man dies of his injuries, John makes his way to Colorado to attend the funeral.

-Provo, Marshall, and Mary find him as he is about to commit suicide. Provo manages to talk him down.

-Marshall asks Abigail to live with him and Oscar, the dog. They begin looking for a new place to live. Brandi invites Abigail to her wedding.

-Lucas asks Mary to dinner before he heads back East.  She accepts.

In Plain Sight
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In Plain Sight Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Mary: No, not the actually face.
Marshall: Not my favorite face.

Marshall: It's better than Fallujah. That's our new bumper sticker right?
Mary: It's either that or WITSEC: It's not just for mobsters anymore.