Justin Deeley and Megalyn Echikunwoke Cast on 90210

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90210 has cast two new players, and both will play significant roles in the life of Naomi.

First: Justin Deeley will come on board as Austin, the son of a country music superstar who has looks, money... but not the kind of attitude that typically accompanies either.

Next: while Naomi is swooning over Austin, she'll be fighting with Megalyn Echikunwoke's Holly. Pretty much the opposite of Deely's character, Holly is rich and snooty and is the head of the top sorority at CU.

Naomi in a Bikini

It will be a busy season, as always, for Naomi.

This will be Deely first extended role of any kind, while Echikunwoke has appeared in CSI: Miami and Raising the Bar.

Earlier this week, the series cast Kristina Apgar as a love interest for Liam.

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I know it would be naomi and Austin just knew it so I guess there's no baby or Max


Before anyone complains, I suggest you GOOGLE "Justin Deeley" and check out his underwear modeling shots, if your screen can handle the hotness. Awesome addition, 90210. Cowboy up.


Are they recycling the same actor for different characters?


Megalyn looks pretty interesting! she will shake things up! maybe involve Dixon! justin! yap! just a new sunny boy!


so TEDDY has been replaced by..... TERRY? hehehe...


I'm happy with this. It implies no baby drama for Naomi or season 4 and it also means that the show is STILL based on Naomi's character. :D


so... no baby ??


No! I mean, yes I have just started watching 90210 but they can't cast someone else as Naomi's love interest! What about Max? What about the baby? And @Mark DeFields, Naomi is NOT an airhead.


And there I was thinking that the new showrunner/ writer was there to shake things up and give the ailing show a boost. The 'new' characters are freakin old.
c'mon do they really think we are that dumb and idiotic to lap up old characters? Seriously? I applauded Naomi for choosing max and all that but now that she is going to CU it looks like she will be going to her old vapid self.
Well let's just see what happens.


Damnit! I was really hoping that Austin would be a new love interest for Adrianna, and that he'd help her move on from that loser Navid. Instead, Austin will be just another guy who falls for that airhead Naomi.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.