Necessary Roughness Review: Old Habits Die Hard

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Exchanging old habits for new ones is never easy.

"Habit Forming" saw Dani struggle as much trouble with this as her patients. Dani's living a life in limbo, divorcing her loser husband but unable to sleep on his side of the bed.

Her book club now belongs to his new girlfriend. Her kids continue to play her like a violin and she keeps sending mixed signals to her one night stand.

As if things couldn't get any worse, her mother's back.

Dani with Matt

I know her mother didn't actually sell the information about the team but she sits in the pantry and spies on Dani's therapy sessions for a reason. I can't believe she's not using that information to place her own bets.

Then there's Dani's relationship with her own kids.

They certainly make a smart woman look gullible. It's hard to like Ray as we watch him manipulate his mother. He uses her patient to get himself into a hot club. Then when his car is stolen he tells Dani it's being repaired and it will take weeks.

Dani doesn't blink an eye. Then TK buys the little brat a brand new car. I can't wait for the day Ray's shenanigans catch up with him. The only one who will be shocked is his mother.

TK playing the role of mentor to little Ray was a fun twist. It was almost kind of sweet in a completely warped sort of way.

Poor Matt. Dani keeps throwing him mixed signals. She says they can't have a relationship but continues to flirt with him. She leans in for a kiss, then pulls back when he reciprocates. He feels guilty but Dani's the one setting the rules and then breaking them. 

I respect her decision not to have a relationship with someone she works so closely with but honestly, this isn't working. She needs a new plan.

Victor Webster played the part of Matt's sleazy friend Ted. He seemed to be simultaneously trying to pick Dani up and push her towards Matt. In the end I was happy to see Ted was the guilty party.  As with his role on Castle, I just wanted Webster's character gone.

Dani definitely has some bad habits of her own she needs to break. Hopefully jumping on the other side of the bed is just the beginning.


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I love nico,we should get more of that,,I hope Tk won't lose Dani,,,I love the show,,,this summer USA have done a great job!!


-Lou Anne Tiller -The actress who plays Dani's mother is Concetta Tomei. She's been in many things over the years from China Beach, to Providence, to more recently Rubicon and many more.


Can someone tell me the actresses name playing the mother of Dani last night? Face so familiar but I can't think of who she is and what she's from.


I may be the only one but I like Dani with Nico much more then Dani with Matt. Matt might be a good distraction and someone to help her move past her divorce. Long run thou I thing Nico would be much better suited for Dani they would balance each other out better. He fixes problems and doesn't give up, while she fixes people and doesn't give up.


I woul like to see Dani with Nico. I enjoy this show but for many reasons I can't stand her brats. They've obviously been spoiled beyond belief. The stolen car is registered to them...HELLO!... I just hope that when it hits the fan it's realistic.


The thing between Matt and Dani won't end, it will just keep us guessing. Her believing Ray about the car being in the shop was a little out of character, but i know the whole thing with Ray and TK will probably catch up with a big blowout in the end.TK can only mentor about what he's good at: football and women.


I must admit, there were parts of this episode I did not see coming, and parts I did. Was I the only one who figured out early on that something was amiss with Matt's friend? When you bring in a guest star of that quality, you know he did something. What I did not see coming was the OCD being the reason the player was late. Good for Dani for figuring it out.
What I really liked was TK calling Ray "Justin Timberfake" and "Harry Plotter," though I think the fallout for TK is going to be HUGE when Dani finds out about the nightclub and the car. TK as a mentor...twisted is a good word for it...I don't think I would want that for my son. I would prefer Hank from Royal Pains as a mentor.
I also liked the look into the daughter's room. Finding out that what she was hiding was the fact that she misses what they used to be...a family and that was what the picture represented. For once there was no mischievous motive for her behavior.
Oh, one more thing, with the way Matt stated he won't have another relapse of kissing Dani, I have a feeling that story arc is about to end. Sad to see it go, I enjoyed their flirty banter.

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Necessary Roughness Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

You know what else might upset the kids? The murder of their only living grandmother.


The question is, when is it time for an old habit too die?