Necessary Roughness Review: What Would Jeff Gordon Think?!?

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I love NASCAR, which is probably why this episode of Necessary Roughness disappointed me. It got more wrong about the racing series than it got right.

Unless it's for a serious medical condition, a driver couldn't possibly blow off four races and still keep his ride. But for the many fans who don't follow NASCAR, I'll put those concerns aside and pretend I have no clue who Kasey Kahne is.

With a New Client

Callie Thorne plays frazzled so well. Dr. Dani is a women with a demanding new career, two teenage kids pushing her buttons, and a messy divorce making everything worse.  Through it all you, can't help but like her exasperated expression. It's always enough to save her any actual words.

The best scene of the night was also the most painful: when Matt introduced Dani as his coworker to Natalie, his date. Dani was so happy to see him at the party and you could just feel her try and force the smile to stay on her face as she made small talk with the tall, gorgeous, other woman.

Matt's done nothing wrong, of course. Dani's done nothing but push him away since their one night stand, but thankfully she told him the truth about how she felt instead of keeping it to herself. Perhaps that's the plus of being a therapist.

My other big complaint of the night, besides the racing inconsistencies, was simple: How could there be a scene with Marc Blucas and Mehcad Brooks playing basketball with both keeping their shirts on?!? Is a little eye candy too much to ask for?

I'm still waffling on what I think of Dani's kids. Typical teenage angst or just annoying spoiled brats? My opinion changes from week to week and scene to scene.

But I do love seeing Scott Cohen as Nico. I look forward to finding out more about his character, piece by tiny piece, as the season continues. The mystery of Nico is half the fun.

I will give Necessary Roughness points for using some real NASCAR footage, although if the show wanted to make me believe this guy was scared to get back in the car, there are some truly frightening crashes over the last couple of years that could have gotten the point across better.

Plus, I find it almost comical that they got nearly every major sponsor in NASCAR on the screen within this hour. That must have taken a lot of coordinating to pull off.

"Spinning Out" certainly wasn't my favorite episode, but it was still entertaining. Let's hope the next installment of Necessary Roughness covers a sport I know nothing about.


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What drives me crazy about this is that it's not that hard to do the research and get stuff right. Obviously they don't care about accuracy, just their stupid story line. And that is what it was: stupid. This show is crap.


I actually like the way the writers are developing the Dani/Matt relationship. I think it shows a woman who, even though she really wants him, she sticks to her principles. Remember, she met Matt at a bar, not at work, so there was already an attraction before they started working together. She just put the kibosh on it. I think the point on the bumping was that it was happening with frequent regularity and other drivers weren't getting bumped at all by that guy. As for the children, the provide an adequate backdrop for the story. I don't think she was acting spoiled so much as she wanted her way, and a month long grounding did not fit with her plans. My question is...what additional punishment will she receive for the party? The grounding was because of the car theft, now she throws a party, something has to happen.


Co-sign AK...the daughter is extremely unlikeable. Is it just me...I feel like this romance between Dani and Matt is unrealistic and too soon and I just don't care for it


There's no waffling on my part about Dani's kids: they're obnoxious spoiled brats! The daughter steals her brother's car, drives it without a license, and hits something with it and we're supposed to believe that Dani is too strick because she grounds her for a month?! My teenage niece would be lucky if it was just a month if she'd done anything like that. I'm enjoying this show more than I thought I would, but it would so much better if the kids went to live with their dad or got shipped off to military school or something.


The Richard Petty wannabe character was plain silly. If some driver was this sensitive about getting bumped from behind he'd never made to the Sprint Cup series. I wish they had gone with Indy racing, then I wouldn't have cared as much.


Like you, I am a NASCAR fan, and I was highly disappointed with the inconsistencies. Oh, did you catch that the driver mispronounced Ambrose? Really? How do you not know how to say a colleague/competitor's name? Plus, if they had wanted to make this at least somewhat believable on the NASCAR side, they could have had ONE known driver do a cameo to lend some authenticity to it.
That aside, the T.K. story arc seemed a little too easily wrapped up this week, didn't it? Not to mention, when he came back at the end, it just felt odd. Most people don't turn around that fast.
Other than that, I thought it was an okay episode.

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When a person spins out you often can't tell until after they hit the wall.


Vodka and painkillers, statistically, deadlier than auto racing.