Penn Badgley Pushes For Return of Dair on Gossip Girl

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A good number of Gossip Girl fans became captivated by Dan and Blair this spring, only to be let down when the budding relationship was quickly swept under the rug.

If you're one of those fans, Penn Badgley basically has this to say: I feel ya.

“The most fun I’ve had in years were the Dan and Blair scenes," he tells EW. "The dialogue was given an opportunity to go where it doesn’t go with Dan otherwise.”

“I really enjoy that. I would like to see that explored.”

Dair Moment

Of course, Badgley's opinion might mean nothing to the writers, and he might not mean that Dair should engage in a romantic relationship, necessarily.

Blair is engaged to someone else, after all. But for all the talk of Louis being the perfect fit on paper, or of Chuck and Blair being the show's couple of destiny, she and Dan sure had an interesting connection, didn't they?

What do you think? More Dair in Season 5? Discuss.

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I mean I agree with Maria that thats the only reason to watch. I asked Penn on twitter about it and he said no comment but to def watch for interesting stuff. so hopefully there will be something! errrr! oh um anyone who wants to see what im talking about his twitter is @_pennbadgley well good night peoples


I really love Chair and obviously they are destined to be together and when the show ends they will undoubtedly end up as a couple, but Dair was an unexpected distraction to mix it up, otherwise Blair's love life would be rather monotonous. I think Nate and Blair should come back as they have real chemistry, if you watch the episode when Blair tries to set up Eperly (?) and Nate, she keeps having private chats and its so good! Although that would definitely put a nail in the coffin of Chuck and Nate's friendship. It could be a massive drama and catch the audience's attention, liven up the show a little as its a bit dull and flat at the moment...
Great ideas come from here. Britain 4evs (maybe the GG gang should go on a group holiday! That would spice it up) xoxo


What the hell? Dair has been explored, it was a brief relationship and on my account no chemistry was detected by me. Bring back Chair because they were made for each other.


Who cares what penn thinks. Leighton and Ed both said they think chair belong together and want them together in there latest interviews. Of course penn wants dair together because he knows his character is useless doing anything else. (Bassandwaldorf) I Couldn't agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Dan and Blair are the only good thing left in Gossip Girl, writers should totally give them a shot and explore more of this relationship.


is anyone online


we want DAIRRRRRR . For life


Dan and Blair are the best thing that ever happened to Gossip Girl 2


I always loved Chair - but their relationship is starting to annoy me. It's always the same old story basically. Dair is so refreshing, I really hope they contine it. It's probably the best thing that happend in Gossip Girl for a long time now. Team Dair!

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