Penn Badgley Pushes For Return of Dair on Gossip Girl

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A good number of Gossip Girl fans became captivated by Dan and Blair this spring, only to be let down when the budding relationship was quickly swept under the rug.

If you're one of those fans, Penn Badgley basically has this to say: I feel ya.

“The most fun I’ve had in years were the Dan and Blair scenes," he tells EW. "The dialogue was given an opportunity to go where it doesn’t go with Dan otherwise.”

“I really enjoy that. I would like to see that explored.”

Dair Moment

Of course, Badgley's opinion might mean nothing to the writers, and he might not mean that Dair should engage in a romantic relationship, necessarily.

Blair is engaged to someone else, after all. But for all the talk of Louis being the perfect fit on paper, or of Chuck and Blair being the show's couple of destiny, she and Dan sure had an interesting connection, didn't they?

What do you think? More Dair in Season 5? Discuss.

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blair can't be pregnant, i think it might be fake charlie/ivy

Al in germany

Oli via, I think a more accurate equation in this context would be 100-1=99.


DAIR. enough said.


@Lolly if you take away the good things it's obvious that what's left is just bad.. It's like doing 2-1=1 -_-'


I LOVE CHAIR! Because it keeps my butt comfy. ;p Okay, I want Dair just because I'm a young woman who loves the heroine not get screwed over and over again. If you take out all the romantic gestures Chuck gave her, what is left? An ass who sold her girlfriend that is...


You know what, I'm not even angry or afraid this "Dair romance" will destroy Chair.
Yes Dan has feelngs for her, but what about Blair? she can marry the prince, she can watch 100 of romantic movies with Dan, but she will always love Chuck and Chuck only.
In season 5, there will probably be 0 chair, and thousands of confusing dair scenes and boring blouis ones, but i will be patient, because i know that at the end, in the last second of the last episode, Chuck and Blair will be together once again, because "If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back." and thy are.

Uncle jackass

If I have to be honest I agree with the rational minds of both @Lulu & chyler, which is that Dair maybe in fact a tv executive ploy to invest in certain viewer types while admittedly hooking me like a sucker as they would be an awesome couple. So in my bias point of view here is my take on the stakeholders: 1.) TV Executives of the CW Whatever sells the series and keeps it going is generally the view of the TV executives and producers. And you kind of feel this is true with Gossip Girl as the Promos, Clips, Teasers, etc are designed to give maximum variety in shipping fandom. E.g.) the promo for the last five episodes gave the prospect for Blair's affections: "The Dark Knight, The Prince, and the Pauper," but the pauper was already out of the picture!! Overall, I do feel that there might be one exec who is a fan of dair and keeps making those infuriating misleading promos! 2.) Main Series Writers: Stephanie Savage, Josh Schwartz, Cecily von Ziegesar, Joshua Safran It's safe to say that the large majority of the writers are chair endgame writers; especially when given death threats ha, ha. That said, a few may just be writing a dair relationship buildup in terms of a friendship and it's not designed to be romantic. But it can't be helped that on a show like Gossip Girl that you give characters a romantic arc, hence Dan's unrequited feelings. I'm sure it's the pathos with the writers that "it's not the ending that's important in one's life,but the journey"... so I don't expect an immediate Dair romantic relationship to occur unless being tortured by the execs'. 3.) Penn Badgley & Leighton Meester Penn's being frustratingly vague in his comments to the media about the Dair relationship or rather lack of. Given that it is a job for himself and the cast/crew, he probably doesn't have any opinion other than it's entertaining. Conversely, I'm 97% sure that Leighten wants Blair to have a Chair endgame while only remaining a friend with Dan; nothing more. 4.) Blake Lively?? I have absolutely no idea what Blake thinks of the Dair story line? I do wonder if it's written in her manifesto for Penn to stay 100 meters away from Blake at at all times to avoid the awkward scenes or not. 5.) Gossip Girl Producers, E.g.) Trey Coscia & Josh Schwartz Given that Josh Schwartz's pet project is the TV series Chuck, I think it safe to assume that he doesn't invest too much time in oversighting gossip girl. But as for the rest of the exec producers, I sure they're also Chair fans. In one of more interviews that have explicitly defended the Chair relationship and their 'passion' for one another. Conversely, they have been gradually vague about Dan and Blair's relationship in most episodes. In most cases, they careful to state that they are building a "burgeoning friendship," over time. Sounds vague?? Therefore, if there is a point, I'm sure we will get a Dair buildup during season 5, but I not expecting/hoping for a romantic relationship to come anytime soon due to the grounded views of producers.


I don't trust these fools who produce/create the show to do anything satisfying for the Dair fans. They probably have Penn say these things to the media just to keep the Dair fans watching after last spring's debacle. We all can see that Dan is better for Blair than Chuck is, but then, a rabid pet skunk might be better for her than Chuck.


I have watched Gossip girl from the beginning and I will always remember the episode where Eleanor chose Serena for the photo shoot even after she told Blair it was hers and Blair was hurt and that was the first time we saw a connection between Dan and Blair and from there on there we're Dan giving Blair advice about Chuck Dan and Blair taking on Georgina and Carter Blair asking Dan to escort her to Georgina's party him telling her enough with the headbands in college When Season 1 premiered it was good Dan and Serena, Chuck and Blair but as seasons went by and both relationships we're unhealthy expecially Chairs I mean we have witnessed Dan and Blair be crushed by the two people they love I mean come on how similar are Chuck and Serena first of all neither one can figure out who they want yeah when Dan or Blair seemed to be interested in someone else that is when they want them it is almost as if they can date whoever but Dan and Blair's happiness is not in the cards Derena and Chair fans you live in a fairytale land they should not be anymore things change that is the whole point of a TV series I mean look how immature Chuck acted over the kiss between Dan and Blair it is ok for him to go fuck an army of women but Blair can't kiss anyone thats a double standard and Serena she doesn't want Dan but doesn't want him with anyone else it seems lets be honest she is never without a guy Serena used to be my favorite but now it would be Blair there is so much to Blair and when Dan and Blair went after Juliet for Serena in The Townie I was hooked these two are so perfect together there sparring back and forth teasing Dan will stand up to Blair he is a shoulder to lean on and vice versa I mean he has been there for her Dan is reliable,loyal,trusting,forgiving,caring,funny and lets not forget nice-looking Blair is beautiful of course and extremely funny but as Dan told Chuck there is more to her than how she was with Chuck I hope with Season 5 they DAN and BLAIR continue with their friendship and it develops into more I dont think she will marry Louie and god i hope she is not pregnant with Chucks child that is the worst unless as we know Chuck never fails to let her down look at his father Bart Bass Chuck will not be a good father so if Dan is there for Blair that may work for me it all comes down to I Just Want DAN and BLAIR together they make the show better not Chuck,Serena,Rufus,Lily,or Nate poor guy never has any interesting storylines as for anyone else we know Ivy and Georgina will stir up a hell of alot of trouble so Bring on SEASON-5 and MORE DAIR TO COME XOXO


I hope this time is for real! DAIR FTW!

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