Penn Badgley Pushes For Return of Dair on Gossip Girl

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A good number of Gossip Girl fans became captivated by Dan and Blair this spring, only to be let down when the budding relationship was quickly swept under the rug.

If you're one of those fans, Penn Badgley basically has this to say: I feel ya.

“The most fun I’ve had in years were the Dan and Blair scenes," he tells EW. "The dialogue was given an opportunity to go where it doesn’t go with Dan otherwise.”

“I really enjoy that. I would like to see that explored.”

Dair Moment

Of course, Badgley's opinion might mean nothing to the writers, and he might not mean that Dair should engage in a romantic relationship, necessarily.

Blair is engaged to someone else, after all. But for all the talk of Louis being the perfect fit on paper, or of Chuck and Blair being the show's couple of destiny, she and Dan sure had an interesting connection, didn't they?

What do you think? More Dair in Season 5? Discuss.

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Absolutely more DAIRing on Season 5 ! It was the most fun I've had watching the show in a long time. I love Chair, but I think Dan and Blair should develop a deeper relationship.


i would also like to point out by Dair fans on here rooting for Dair,insulting Chair fans, Chuck, etc. THEN go on to say "how dare you insult Dan! he's a real guy!" blah blah blah, they are being extremely hypocritical. same goes for Chair fans. Putting our opinion on something is one thing, but insulting people you do not know is another. Just saying.


If Dair happens (it won't!) I will be sending a very angry letter in all caps to the writers. I have watched drying paint that was more fascinating than this pathetic storyline people call Dair.


Can't wait for S5. Dair is the thing.


@Leah WTF show are you watching?! LMAO




Dair is the best thing on Gossip Girl, period.


I think Dan and Blair's friendship should be developed in season 5 while blair is going through difficult times. Dan should be given the chance to really comfort Blair and really be her friend.

Uncle jackass

@Beth...X, good points on the unfortunate reasons why a Dair romance is going to hard to develop this season. So to recap: - Blair seems the likely individual who is pregnant with Chuck's baby (early spoilers indicate morning/stomach sickness). - Blair's engaged to Prince Louis who hasn't necessarily done anything wrong. - Dan's book might've been tampered with by Vanessa to spin Dan in a negative light towards everyone (including Blair). - Blair seems pretty fixated in her belief that she only truly loves Chuck Bass. And hence it only appears un-requited by Dan Humphrey. - Blair is going to busy with: a job/interview with Elizabeth Hurley's character in fashion, dealing with Louis's sister, dealing with the organization of the wedding, and pinning for Chuck (from early spoilers). - Do you honestly think that Chuck Bass is going to reform himself this season and stay away from the wedding? (Sarcastically), Yes when Dan and Chuck become best friends.


I really want to see more of Dair even if its just as friends. But no one knows if Blair is the pregnant one it could be Serena because she went to Cali to relax and she said no drinking so idk but im a Dair shipper so plz have them at least friends!!!!

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