Pretty Little Liars Episode Teaser: Closure to Come?

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Following the suicide that rocked Rosewood, the girls will try to get closure next week on Pretty Little Liars.

But will bidding farewell to Ian accomplish that goal? Will the death of Alison's presumed killer bring an end to their drama? We somehow doubt it.

Elsewhere, look for Hanna to learn more about Caleb's foster family on "The Devil You Know." Take a look here at the Canadian promo for the episode, a trailer that reveals far more than the general teaser from ABC Family...

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I think that A has something over Ian. A made Ian commit "suicide". If you remember from the season one finale, when A saved Spencer, Ian was shocked to see A. Showing that he knew him/her.


I don't think it was a suicide, cause one of the horseshoes was missing in the barn and it was the one Spencer got from the pawn shop instaed of Meliss'a ring.

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