Rookie Blue Review: Who Got Stung?

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The twists and turns on Rookie Blue just didn't stop as relationships continued to transform at a surprising pace Thursday night.

Jo was like a predator stalking her prey in a tight shirt and a pretty smile, while "Stung" also gave us a glimpse at Luke and Jo's past - and a shocking look at their future.

Undercover on Rookie Blue

Well, I wasn't completely shocked, especially after Jo answered the door in only her panties. Why did she take her pants off to answer the door during an undercover operation? Oh yes, that's right. It was to seduce Luke.

So Luke gave up a promotion to stay with Jo only to have her take the same promotion and leave him. Ouch! That means he's been nursing a broken heart and a wounded ego for a long time now. Was Andy just a bandaid?

Not that he was doing it consciously, but Andy's going to get crushed, nevertheless. I only hope Swarek's around to help her pick up the pieces.

How long do you think Luke's been waiting to hear that Jo regretted her decision? Once she admitted it, it was like the dam broke and all of that underlying passion couldn't be denied.

My only question is whether Luke's going to man up and tell Andy the truth because I don't see Jo backing down or going away.

On other fronts, the car giveaway sting was a lot of fun and Dov was right. Swarek was in his glory.

Dov's bomb scare rendered some interesting results and a couple of strange quirks. 

Such as, did anyone else notice the guy in the bomb suit was outside while the cute chick in the t-shirt went in and saved Dov. That was a little odd.

When Dov emerged unscathed, was Gail's hug just a little longer than necessary? Then in the locker room she seemed to act the role of the upset lover more than concerned roommate.

When Chris pulled his application for the Mounted Patrol so Dov had a better chance at it, the two made a pact. From now on, if it's something they really want they will both go after it and may the best man win. 

Wow, talk about foreshadowing. Something tells me the next thing they'll be fighting over won't be a promotion.

Rookie Blue's moving fast this season and I have to say I'm loving every minute of it. How about you? Leave a comment and discuss below!


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I just watched next weeks preview & realize that Luke is the one telling Andy about his tryst with Jo. I was afraid Sam would find out first & what a bad position it would put him in. If Andy stays with Luke or Sam gives up on her and goes to someone else, I'll have to reconsider continuing to watch this show. I like the others on the show, especially Ollie (you rule Officer Shaw) but Sam with Andy is my reason for watching.


I love this show! I wish Sam and Andy would've had more scenes together as well. I can't wait for next week and I hope that Andy finds out what Luke did. so wrong! He should never proposed to Andy and been honest with her about the ring when she found it. I'm so happy that there will be a season 3!!!


I was somewhat dissappointed in the episode because not enough happened. I hope that Andy and Sam have more time together in next week's episode, they're great together and seem really happy. As for Luke and Jo, I don't totally love Jo but Luke seems to! And that is understandable considering their past but I hope Luke has the guts to tell Andy before she has to find out by herself and be broken. I don't think Jo is going anywhere anytime soon. I agree that I hope Sam is not the rebound but I think it's possible considering he is head over heels for Andy. In the Season 2 promo, it looks like things heat up between Andy and Sam, it's just a matter of when that happens. Can't wait for the rest of the season!


OMG I KNEW IT!!!! i knew he was going to cheat on Andy.. and he say's that he loves her, once they kissed i was like that's it he's going to cheat on Andy and he should told Andy that he's doing work with Jo. i've been hoping they would break up soon . im happy about that, but Andy's is going to be heart broken she can go to Sam and help her... cause her and Sam when they talk everything is okay.


To start, Andy never slept with Swarek so it's not the same thing!!! She started to but came to her senses and stopped before it went any further. Also, her and Luke are in a completely different place in their relationship than they were before (hence the engagement). And even though she does have chemistry with Swarek she's staying true to her new commitment with Luke. Even after the whole hospital thing, Andy chose to trust in their relationship since she didn't confront them then or later about it. Luke's situation is completely different. It's been clear since Jo walked back into his life that he still has unresolved feelings and issues with her. And instead of owning up to it when Andy asked him if he had any regrets about him and Jo to every time Jo and Luke end up arguing about him and Andy's relationship, he has yet to say anything to Andy about it. Him sleeping with Jo was only a matter of time and now he's going to try to rush into marrying Andy instead of being a man about the situation as usual. Hopefully, everything comes out in next week's episode but I guess we'll see.


Ahaha! I knew it! I knew it! Luke was bound to mess up, big time. I never liked Luke, and this episode proves why. Though when Andy finds out about Luke's and Jo's hook-up (Could it be call that?) I hope she doesn't go and use Sam as a rebound guy. Or if she does Sam is level-headed about it and says "No." or is like, "I can't be your rebound." But on the matter of Dov and Gail, AHAHA I knew it!! I saw the connection during Heat and Sparks!! And she acted more like a disraught girlfriend at the end, yelling at Dov with tears in her eyes. And when Chris entered, she seemed to go back to Classic Emotionless Gail. And then Dov makes the promise with Chris that they would go for what they want, he looked like he regreted it, because like he was going to hurt Chris! I totally saw it from the beggining! *looks around* Yes, I go with the most dysfunctional relationships sometimes, but Dov and Gail would go good together. He's compassionate, and willing to listen, and she needs to talk to someone about all the things that hurt her.


As being a huge Sam and Andy fan, I was somewhat dissapointed about their lack of scenes together, but it's nice to change things up with different pairings. As underwhelmed that I was, it cannot always be about Andy and Sam and RB left me wanting more like always. I never liked Luke and last night just added to why. With Jo he never put his career ahead of her, but with Andy he has and will probably continue to do so. That being said, this is NOT how I want Sam and Andy to finally get together. I want it to be her decision based on her feelings for Sam and not based on what Luke did. Sam is way better than that and therefore deserves better then being second choice when she's always his first.


Everything's happening so quickly, it's leaving me dizzy. Are Luke and Andi on the verge of breaking up already? Is Dov going to hook up with Gail (please don't)? Is something starting between Frank and Noelle? Is Andi's mother coming back? Are Traci and Jerry together now? What's going to happen with Chris and his mom?
So much - so little time.
love the show tho.


I don't think Andy and Luke will get married, because then there is no chemistry between Sam and there is still another season. I think is going to be heartbroken and for a few episodes remain single but Swarek will definitly get the low-down in the police car. Also. once Andy finds out about the hotel room, the ring story will prob. spill to. AHH.. Luke big mess. I know Andy did it with Sam but that was the start of Andy and Luke's relantionship, Luke did it while their engaged. I would drop Luke in a heartbeat. I hope this restores team SANDY!!! The only reason why Luke wants to get married so quick is because he is GUILTY!! I don't think Andy will go to Sam right away cause we still have 4-6 shows left in the season.Sam is poss. rebound guy but that wasn't my first thought. I think San and Andy will get together. Did you see Sam and Andy on the ending part??!! That was cute. Andy is a beautiful and she if she's secure will let Luke go and go back to Sam. Off that note, glad Dov is okay! It did seem like Gail a little too passionate just as a friend right??!! 1 unfinished question will sue and dov go dating, COFFEE!!??oh, ya Detective Barber and Swarek were looking fine in their suits. GO TEAM SANDY!!!!


Well, though I enjoyed it once again, I have to say I was a little disappointed. I thought for sure that after Andy had thrown that plant in the garbage after witnessing Jo's & Luke's interaction in his hospital room, she'd either be very ticked off, be at Sam's doorstep, or on a binge of some sort(not necessarily really throwing herself into the job). Just wondering if the preview about their quicky-to-be nuptials will include Luke's confession to Andy, and if she will dump him as he deserves it...?

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Rookie Blue Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Traci: Dex packed his bags. Said he didn't want to live a lie anymore.
Andy: Drama queen. Him, not you.

Noelle: What's going on with him?
Dov: Bee sting.
Noelle: Well ain't karma a bitch.