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Rookie Blue Season 2

"God's Good Grace"

On the Rookie Blue season finale, Andy tries to uncover what happened to Swarek, who is being held captive by a gangster. Events triggered by the investigation incriminate a fellow officer in "God's Good Grace"

"On the Double"

On this week's Rookie Blue, Gail's uniform was stolen from her car by a vigilante. Andy and Sam's inability to stay away from each other puts them both in danger in "On The Double."

"A Little Faith"

"A Little Faith" sends Andy, Traci, and Dov on an undercover training exercise. Gail and Chris find a teenager tied up at a graveyard on this week's Rookie Blue.

"Best Laid Plans"

Andy and Swarek come across a car accident while pursing a child who has disappeared. Chris fights with Dov over Gail.


Gail and Dov work with Swarek as they try to protect an informant from a dangerous gang. Chris and Andy participate in competitive equine training.


Division 15 is placed under quarantine when a man collapses from a mysterious illness. Dov's date with an attractive bomb technician ends unexpectedly.

"The One That Got Away"

Andy worries her personal problems are affecting her professionally when a woman is brutally attacked on her watch. Luke's erratic behavior leads to him being kicked off a case.

"In Plain View"

Is the East Jameson gang involved in a murder? That's the question this week on Rookie Blue.


Chris and Dov are trapped in a dangerous meth house during a sting operation. Luke helps Jo with a surveillance job in a hotel room.

"Heart & Sparks"

The investigation of a series of arsons puts Andy in danger. Chris and Gail take to the streets and encounter a man from his past.

"Bad Moon Rising"

Andy and Sam find severed heads in the trunk of a car. The investigation puts both Andy and Luke in danger.

"Might Have Been"

Andy and Gail go undercover to make a drug bust at a club owned by an ex-cop. Elsewhere, Traci struggles with feelings for her ex and Dov faces consequences for his actions.


A shooting at a concert has a profound effect on Andy. A new detective has a connection to Luke.

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