Suits Review: "Dirty Little Secrets"

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A lot of "Dirty Little Secrets" were aired this week on Suits. From hidden ex-husbands to bed bugs, the USA hit delivered another solid and compelling episode.

I loved discovering something more about Jessica Hardman. She's always seemed rather aloof and mysterious. I never would have guessed she was married. Moreover, she's actually capable of acting irrationally.

Mike and Harvey at Work

I have to say I kinda felt bad for Quinton's Jag. She made it look like the thing had been side-swiped. Can't imagine the wrath she must have felt over that.

No matter what the situation, the one thing that Jessica hates most is to being led to believe something other than the complete truth. I can only begin to wonder how she'd take Harvey and Mike's deception at this junction.

We also learn a little bit about each character as the show progresses, but what about Louis Litt's background? I want to know what motivates him to be so snarky and rude all the time.

I know there's the rivalry between him and Harvey, but I want to know what he was like on the playground as a kid and what happened to make him the way he is. I know there's some seriously good material there.

Which bring me to my next point: That was a pretty close call for Mike. Granted, I'm not going to know where to get square pizza, even though I myself am a student at a Boston college. But if that's something all Harvard alum know, it was fortunate Mike knew details about Ginsburg's education to redirect attention away from him.

It fed perfectly into Louis' posture that the law is a precise endeavor. Don't think you could get any more precise than the knowledge that Ginsburg transferred from Harvard to Columbia!

The little bit of time that Mike and Rachel spent undercover for research was awkwardly uncomfortable but cute. I applaud Mike's effort to ask her out, but I'm not disappointed she said no. They needed to wait until the characters were more established, and it's good to know the writer's agree with me (even if they don't know it yet).

Still wondering why, out of everything she could have possibly said, Rachel resorted with "I can't date anyone from the office?" That has "back-story" written all over it.

Mike gets an "A" from me for completing his first case not only successfully, but cleverly. Didn't see the bed bug infested carpet being a transplant from a previous building, nor that it was intentionally installed.

Suits hasn't managed to hit a bad note yet, and I'm always dying for more when it ends every week. I've decided this is one of those shows I don't mind watching twice (or even three times) between new episodes.


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I love the show n agree that it's refreshing to see a good show wth great reviews,,, USA are on the right track.


Really love the show! There's a lot of subtle nuances that really make Mike and Harvey's chemistry work. The interaction between Rachel and Mike when they "pretended" to be married is hilarious. Loved Mike's reaction to being referred to as a "child" in the boardroom. :)


Great. I'd like a show not to have a tortured romance which all tv romances seem to be. I'd rather Mike and Rachel stay friends.


I love these reviews! The only thing is that it's Jessica Pearson, not Hardman. Hardman is the one we haven't met yet. ^-^


I completely agree that this show "hasn't hit a bad note yet." I also have had a tendency to watch most episodes a few times before the next one. The thing that makes them good it that they're like movies - you watch them the first time to get the gist, and the second time to get the hints.
I totally caught up on Rachel's reaction and noticed that some back-story is sure to come!
Interesting what you said about Louis Litt though - never would have wondered what made him the man he is today.


My question is where's Donna. Some want Jessica, Rachel or even Jenny. No not me, like Ritchie Valens I'm all about OH Donna.


Chandel Charles ," I've decided this is one of those shows I don't mind watching twice (or even three times) between new episodes. " Absolutely agree.
Nice review.


I love this show. Hasn't been a show like this in a long time. The acting is phenomenal and story lines always draw me in. The writers are brilliant; as they are able to make subtle gestures or lines so clever and as duckie192 said.. GOLD! I agree with all the previous comments. Its so refreshing to have all positive comments and reviews from the viewers like this. Most of the time, there is so much negativity mixed in, takes away from the good.


I love this show. Don't mind watching more than once either. The acting is superbe. Loved how Harvey stepped back when Mike mentionend the bed bugs. :)


Great show. Reminds me of CSI with the over dramatic cases and acting, but also like CSI, it draws me into the story and I can't stop watching. also, about 2/3 of the way through the episode, while panning across a street, theres a horse with a huge boner.

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Suits Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

The rules dictate that you must be precise as the law is a precise endeavor.


Venomous banter, how cute.

Louis Litt