Suits Review: Ethics Training

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Suits wasted no time this week delving into some intense storylines, while peppering "Errors and Omissions" with some rather entertaining and sharp comedy. In the end, both Mike and Harvey received serious and potentially costly lessons in ethics.

I was surprised that Mike didn’t catch on to Louis’ brazen manipulation a little sooner. It was clear from the beginning that Louis was up to no good, starting with his awkward reference to pulling a “pony from the herd.” I thought that metaphor alone would be enough to send any young associate running in the other direction.

Louis and Mike

That said, Mike’s encounter with Louis was still entertaining, though I would appreciate if they kept moments with him shirtless to a minimum going forward. They can, however, feel free to keep the character in full tennis gear, sweatbands and all. Just the sight of it had me laughing.

I thought it was interesting that the writers chose to establish loyalty issues so early in the show's run. This episode seemed to solidify Mike and Harvey’s relationship and their obligations to one another as they continued to keep their huge secret. Harvey took Mike’s abilities for granted, leaving him on his own to figure things out, which could either help him learn procedural practices better... or expose him quicker, at the expense of both men.

However, Mike thought his intelligence and textbook knowledge was enough to put him at the “adult table” automatically

The duo's attempt to establish boundaries with one another, both personally and professionally, should prove to be an intriguing, challenging balance to strike during the weeks to come.

Harvey’s apparent affair with a judge’s wife certainly got him into a world of trouble this week, as well, almost costing him his patent case, not to mention his reputation. I knew he’d find a way out of it, but it’s clear Harvey required Mike’s help to do so. The threat of the phone prototype release on the Internet was genius.

I also thought it was clever that both ethics issues stemmed from the patent case with which the episode started. Mike’s failure to get the patent in on time meant Harvey had to clean up his mess, landing him in front of the judge with a grudge; and Mike’s attempt to cut corners landed him in Louis’ clutches.

The best part was when Mike and Harvey’s paths to fixing it diverged in their master plan to threaten to release of the prototype, which happened only after they abandoned their individual paths and worked together.

Other highlights:

  • Mike “becoming a sucker” over the Bainbridge briefs.
  • Mike turning Louis’ blackmail into a new client, and then cutting Louis loose behind his back.
  • Mike joining the “adult table” and landing his first client.
  • Harvey telling the investors to “shove it.
  • Harvey having the judge investigated and his own name cleared of any improprieties.

Suits has made an entrance and established itself as a compelling summer drama. It’s sure to deliver much more as its freshman season continues.

Are you hooked on this bromance yet?


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There are a lot of people who care avout language. you have lost this one when you casually used an offensive word about our Lord. It was unneccessary! It would be nice to watch a program that didn't feel it had to use vile language to get a viewer's attention. Sorry you lost this viewer and a lot of my friends.


Great. I'd have thought Mike would have learned some office politics by now. I need more Meagan Markle.


@Suits 1001 Actually, Louis did have a piece of paper with him and he showed Mike. Mike read the paper so I can't believe you missed that. I do agree though and am looking forward to Suits all summer long.


@Suits 1001
Actually, Louis did have a piece of paper with him and he showed Mike. Mike read the paper so I can't believe you missed that. I do agree though and am looking forward to Suits all summer long.


Its a perfect summer show... other than this I even like franklin and bash.. although both are legal dramedies, both have so much in common especially with bromance..


I really enjoy this show. The writing is sharp and I love the characters. It's a great Thursday line-up on USA. Franklin & Bash, Burn Notice, and Suits.


I like this show, the interactions between the characters is excellent. There was one GLARING continuity problem though. When, at the end, Harvey revealed to Mike that Louis had lied about the drug test results, Mike said that the results Louis showed him was a fake...the problem, Louis and Mike were in the club's locker room after the tennis match when the discussion occurred, and Louis did not have a piece of paper with him, especially since he was half-naked. I do have to agree with the client, though, Louis is creepy...funny, but creepy.


My favorite new show of the summer...

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