The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: "Hole in the Wall"

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Now THAT is what I call drama. This week's appropriately titled episode "Hole in the Wall" was definitely one for the books.

Amy and Ricky's bedroom bickering was child's play compared to the performances by Ben and Adrian here. We've seen them both in states of sadness and mourning. This week? We witnessed some major anger.

Son and Mother

Ben's discontent had been brewing for weeks. It was only a matter of time before something made him snap. However, I never really thought we'd see it to the extent that we did. I really have to applaud Ken Baumann for all of his big scenes this season.

Ben had been walking around, making it seem like the only reason he wanted out of the marriage was because he didn't want to be tied to Adrian anymore. We thought he wasn't into being married at 17 without a child in the picture. Never did I realize how peeved he really was with his wife, how selfish he found her and how guilty he's been for the past year.

Adrian, who has never been one to hide emotion, pulled out the crazy. We've stood by and watched her mourn, which seemed natural. Seeing her destroy a room, though, with her bare hand (which must look mutated by now) was far less organic. I think she's losing it and I don't blame her, but, as I said last week, she needs to seek help.

Ben claimed he never wanted to sleep with her. Hmmm, okay. I don't believe that. People mess up, make mistakes, and live with the consequences of that... but come on. At least be honest. You do not sleep with another girl because you are mad at your girlfriend, or at least not if you're respectable. Both parties need help before they continue to hurt themselves and their loved ones.

Elsewhere, Amy is a little too much of a pushover for my liking. I get that Ricky has pride, but if they need a couch and someone's willing to get it for them, then say thank you - and shut up. You're 17. It's not like you're rolling in the dough. It doesn't mean you're spoiled or ungrateful to accept a sofa, Ricky. Relax.

Grace? Keep it in your pants for one minute. This girl falls in love faster than Kim Kardashian. I've said it before and I'll say it again: pump the brakes. There's this thing called lust that can sometimes disguise itself as love. Go look that up.

My only real bone to pick with the writers is that there's no way Ben walked into a liquor store and bought beer. Sure, I had a fake ID at his age, but I don't even think he has one - and he still looks like he's going through puberty. Other than that, superb episode.


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I thank that they can work it out next season and they are a good family and they can try but when they started to work stuff out i thank it was awsome and i love this show but miss amy if u have a baby u are not aldut u my thank that u are but u are not ok i am just sayin that so that u will know but i thank that i am an aldut but u am not i am an 14 year old ok but i am not pregent and ir is hard i know i have friends that are pregnet and they love there kids bud sometimes they are not with the babies daddy and u were not with Rickey but u.guys worked it out though and he propoies to at his gragertion and u said yes amd then this season i cheat on him with ben


I thank that they belong togher and that is not a bad idea and they do belong toghter because they are a family so that is what i thank.


aww! common ricky why show your barbaric side while john is in the same house?tantrums over what frustration you cant bed her because of amy? if your that frustrated and having many regrets let go of amy!john might be saying ouch again holding his ears! this is not a good environment for john.. why not tell the truth to amy its much easier that way, honesty, since you rejected the offer of sex by that girl. that wont be hard i think amy will believe you. I think amy will confront the girl after learning the incident, i dont get the part ricky questioning amy what is she doing?? girls are also territorial they want claim they are also threatened by other girls its normal specially shes trying hard to win you and understand you in any possible way she can! sooner or later if you continue to reject more girls that comes your way you might have more eruption like a volcano dormant for centuries! i know ricky is trying hard too but the after effect is showing that he can not contain and maintain it long enough not to try and have a go with another girl, hope amy will caught you herself and wish adrian will be the one to tempt you maybe you both belong together! and if you do that your the biggest looser of all times!


hole on the wall episode,ricky did reject a girl safe but he can't say no to adrian!she will try and break them apart using her advantage in sex mojo (bimbo complex, well who could top that), since she must be good in bed making ricky come back for more, and if ricky do her again( i mean do her or even kiss her) its not because its out of pity its because she is good in bed and he still has feelings for her his body craves adrian's expertise,showing even withdrawal effect on him. to the extent that he begs adrian not to marry ben so she could be available for him when he wants terrific sex!The show must present another guy to the show for amy!(a handsome guy prettier than ricky) it will be a blast making ben and ricky jealous for the fact that they are not both good enough for amy and john! amy should not insist on ricky to marry her in the future or make any effort to(hoping she stops trying in the future), because ricky is not good for her and he has too many hang-ups as a person(child abuse syndrome, even his reasonings are really messed up during clinical sessions) not sure what he wants, only sex is definitely sure and his top priority, and thats all he's ever wanted(a very self centered person for john maybe he cared but for amy come on)!even told amy that once you know adrian you will fall for her, any guy would (even a priest)even our goody ben, having amy stay with him for the reason that it will keep him away from his sex addiction but how about amy? she don't deserve him, maybe they have a good chemistry on screen but the characters don't blend its contradicting! they both want the opposite amy may help ricky fight what he is being trough about but i think amy will have to face a lot of problems just to help him or keep him monogamous! ricky don't know what love is, she just want amy to keep him in check! poor amy! i hope adrian will get ricky to betray amy so amy can move on with her life and find the right person for herself! one way to make ricky love amy is to be better or be very good in bed!!! i hope she learns more and be daring because that is the only way ricky wont cheat on her if she really wants ricky to be his husband she should be a sex goddes that is! i hope she should curl her hair and dress seductively not like a whore but sexy but decent! more daring ,maybe it will work in the show! she should learn more how to be good in bed to make it work so ricky wont be tempted anymore by adrian or any other girls in the future and if he still does get tempted maybe he will think amy will be his big loss if he does that and get caught by amy! i want him to regret it big time and also ben , i want them both to regret what they are missing and wont be getting anymore betraying her!!!although i still want ricky and amy but this guy should learn from his mistakes, really big time! so he will remember and i want amy to dump him I mean really dump him hard!!! he doesn't get that a lot does he from any other girls??? I want amy to be the first girl to teach him the biggest lesson ever he wont forget so he will be cured with all his problems and move on! being a good father to john is only for johns sake not for amy herself aww common its obvious they both are not that in-love with each other maybe testing the waters stage still! just trying for the sake of john, love is still out of the picture I hope the show make us see what amy and ricky have is the real thing the big L word, you know, we want proof to convince us a little don't you think?


First off, anyone that has watched Season 2 of TSLOTAT knows Ben was lying when he said "I never even wanted to have sex with you in the first place". LOL. Ben and Adrian, though mourning, really NEED to get over their exes. Amy and Ricky never treated ethier of them right. And do the writers even watch, or remember details from, their own show. Ben had dumped Amy because he couldn't stand her anymore and wanted Maria. He was trying to win her back when she bascially told him to "beat it" and rubbed Ricky in his face. He never cheated on Amy with Adrian. Adrian cheated on Ricky because he was always cheating on her. As far as Amy and Ricky, their constant bickering and bitching over sex and trivial matters annoys. In fact they annoy me as a couple, in general. It's so cliche, poorly written, rushed, and unrealistic. Grace should just admit to herself and everyone involved, that she wants to be with Jack! Ben falling out drunk was the most hilarious scene of the episode. It was also rather sad at the sametime.


Adrian is such an evil, manipulative and awful person -- she needed to finally hear it, even if Ben went too far in what he said. I agree this was one of the first legitimately GOOD episodes of this show in a long, long, long time. My wife and I usually watch it for laughs, and most of the time I think Brenda Hampton and her writers are living in the Twilight Zone, but this one had some honesty and believability to it.


Really enjoyed this review. This could be reality tv.

Saad khan

I saw first 2 episodes of season 1 and now watching this season thanks to youtube, so I think Ben was amazing last night. I don't know much how the characters grow together because I still think its tempo is like a daily soap opera rather than something dramatic and exciting every week but Indeed this was the best episode so far this season.


If they break amy & Ricky up, I'll stop watching the show,,,,I felt sick watchng ricky lie to amy I kept yelling no to my tv,,,bt,RAMY 4ever....


Why is there no mention of Ricky saving and listening to Adrian's voicemail!? That part killed me.

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