The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: "One Foot Out the Door"

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If there's one thing we learned in "One Foot Out the Door, it's that there are no tricks, words, or actions to make a significant other stay in a relationship. It takes real effort to make things work, something I'm not sure certain people are willing to put into.

Adrian and Ben are in real trouble. If they spent the weekend having getting it on, why are they both so unhappy? Ben needs to tell Adrian his feelings and stop letting sex overrule his thought process. Difficult for a teenage boy, I know. Adrian needs to also express her feelings to Ben and stop making up tricks to find out how he feels.

Ricky on the Phone

Bluffing about applying to school in New York is one thing, but asking her doctor if it's too soon for her to start trying for another baby? The the "accidental" knock up? That is the most desperate move in the book.

I realize these two have been through tragedy and aren't in the best frame of mind. Adrian is a bright, gorgeous girl who is grasping at straws to stay with a man she didn't really marry for love. As much as this pair grew in a great way together, it might just be time for them to separate. That goes for Leo and Betty, as well.

Another couple that needs to separate is Madison and Jack. I mean, I wouldn't so much call him a weasel as Lauren did - more of a loser. Break up with her! What's stopping him? He clearly doesn't want to be in this relationship. Madison called his parents and made up a lie to get him to stay in town for Christ's sake. She is paranoid and nutso and these two need to be finitio.

My patience has run out trying to care about their relationship status.

Next: Grace is having fun. She has that relaxed sex glow about her. But Adrian is right that girlfriend needs to stop proclaiming every guy she hooks up with to be "the one" just to justify sleeping with them. If she has to justify it, then she's not totally comfortable with herself and what she's doing and perhaps Grace should reflect on that.

See? Adrian gives great advice, if only she could give herself that great advice.

Ricky and Amy are fighting the way any couple of a young child would be. But when your child is covering his ears and saying "ow" because of your constant bickering, you need a reality check. And for that matter, Ricky needs to LIGHTEN UP with the whole "you're not my wife" bit. Amy never asked to be his wife and the more he brings it up, the worse he makes it. For that matter, the more they discuss not getting married, the more I think they eventually will. It's obviously on both of their minds, they're a family.

I think these two are headed in a good direction and I'm glad the show is keeping them together and showing them work through their issues. As for everyone else, check yourself before you wreck yourself.


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Ashley has been one of my favorite characters; however, she needs to let herself be a KID and her parents need to act like ADULTS & PARENTS... when are they going to wake up? And letting her go cross-country with another Homeschooler... YIKES!!!


This is crazy why do ben and adrian make up there mind for them to live wel?


thiz episode is pissing me off amy and ricky stop fighting for johns sake ans adrian wtf i s your problemo


Well there really isn't anything to say about this episode except that Amy and Ricky just need to start agreeing on everything if they are going to live together and raise Jon!!! And, Ben and Adrian need to make up their minds about what they want to do!!!!! Adrian should just go to New York and stop asking if it is too soon to HAVE ANOTHER BABY!!!!! I MEAN REALLY???????? Til next week!!!!! :)(:


What's going on with Ashley? Definitely something.


@Saad Khan Couldn't have said it better myself

Saad khan

All they talk about Sex, Sex and Sex and surprisingly I've never seen them going up to even first base.. Boring Boring Boring.

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