The Vampire Diaries Comic-Con Panel: Live Blog!

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And... we're live in Ballroom 20!

With cast members Joseph Morgan, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Candice Accola and Paul Wesley on stage, along with producer Kevin Williamson, the Comic-Con crowd is going crazy over The Vampire Diaries, especially after we watch the first season three teaser.

Come along as TV Fanatic live blogs the event (and return later for my video interviews with the cast):

Candice Accola and Paul Wesley

3:41 Which character death affected Williamson the most? "Jenna's was very hard for me," while Somerhalder jumps in: "It's one of those things, you become so close to people and reading about when Vicki dies was heartbreaking. Seeing it and being there was worse."

3:44 Happy birthday to Paul Wesley! The crowd breaks into song in honor of the actor, who thanks them and says he hates birthdays. He can't wait to embrace the dark side of Stefan, though.

3:48 Dobrev can't choose between Katherine and Elena: "I get the best of both worlds. I get to be the bad girl, the good girl. Have flashbacks, bite people. I can't pick one because they are both challenging and awesome. They'll kill me one day."

3:53 Somerhalder would love to shoot in foreign locations because "when you're used to living in Los Angeles where there are no seasons and then you shoot in Atlanta, and read night exterior... shirtless, it kicks your butt." Yes, attendees cheered at the s word.

3:58 Somerhalder, Williamson and Wesley would all love to portray Klaus for an episode, Accola is happy with her own role: "I like being Caroline."

4:01 So... Damon or Stefan for Elena? Williamson simply teases: "At the end of the season Elena says it's okay to love both of them."

4:07 If Nina HAD to choose, would she go with Damon or Stefan? Sorry, that's not gonna do it, fan. She says: "The problem is half the room would get mad if I said one, half if I said the other. The beauty of this situation is I don't have to choose."

4:09 Does the cast have a dream guest star? Dobrev says "Justin Bieber wanted to be on our show, while Williamson said: "We're not big on stunt casting, we just write genuine characters and find the right actor to play them."

4:12 "I wouldn't change a damn thing about Damon," Somerhalder says. We agree.

4:15 The fun panel ends with everyone pulling out Team Stefan, Team Damon, Team Katherine, Team Elena, Team Klaus and Team Caroline shirts.

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i love Ian Somerhalder so much !!! :)


can,t wait for next series, don,t watch much tele till vamp diaries comes back on am waiting to buy the dvd out THIS MONTH then i will watch that a few times till new series on tele..go DAMON..STEFAN...ELENA and rest of cast can,t wait to see stefan as a baddie !!!!


It wasnt team Caroline... It was team Tyler


Love me some Delena and ian Somerhalder!!! Paul is a cutie also but where was Trevino !!!


Happy Birthday Paul! Justin...umm...pleason NO! Sorry, beg to differ...I'd change Damon back to Season 1 Damon...he was such a bada--...LOVED HIM THEN. Now he's just getting way to sappy. (sorry) I hope they bring on another bada-- female vampire that is going to be just plain scary evil. LOL


Love Ian n Nina.Happy belated bday Paul! Wish i was at the comic con,so jealous ryt now! Seriously cant wait for s3!


woo ian somerhalder


Happy Birthday Paul. Hope you had a great day.

Gaby ee

Thank you TV Fanatic so much for posting this! TVD is my favorite show and I've certainly missed it.

Nick pirce

Nina Dobrev is hot

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