The Vampire Diaries Season 3: First Promo!

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Forget everything you know about Mystic Falls.

So teases the first official promo for season three of The Vampire Diaries, which focuses on Stefan's dark turn and teases a hunger this blood sucker can't resist, a passion he can no longer deny.


Are you excited to see this new Stefan? Think it will lead to the official creation of Delena? Weigh in now with your thoughts/hope for season three in our Vampire Diaries forum!

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as already commented, you guys should be SO proud - one of the best written shows on tv today. can't wait to see these new episodes!!!


sooooo excited! this is my show! i literally lock myself in my room and refuse to let anyone talk to me until it is over!!! oh and btw though this promo is awesome and hints at some awesome plot twist, did anyone else notice that it did not have any new footage. all the vids from the promo are from last season, like damn and elana kissing....does any one know if they have actually started filming for THIS season yet?


I agree with Amanda, a bit insestual with the one girl and two brothers ALL the time! Can't Damon fall in love with someone else or Stephan. At least there's the interesting Caroline & tylor thing. And to me Jeremy and Bonnie have no chemistry together. I'd love to see Damon and Bonnie together to spice things up and have something different, a witch and a vamp...Awsome.


Oh great another season of Damon chasing Elena while doing that eye bulging thing that he has done in every movie he has ever been in. Sorry, getting bored of Damon and Elena. At least we have the Originals to look forward to. BTW, please wake up my fave Elijah. Love him!!!


Excited about delena finally "really" starting. I know she'll still be in denial early on but slowly they will build. I just kno that a mistake on stefans part will make delena endgame.


In order of my personal importance (lol)...1)DELENA 2)Tyler and Caroline 3) Ripper Stefan 4)the originals 5)Bonnie vs. Jeremy's ex's for his heart and soul. Can't wait!!!

Uncle jackass

From comic-con spoilers and hints/suggestions from Ian, Nina, Joseph, and Paul we are kinda of given the plots of the first few episodes: Kluas & Stefan: There on an evil bromance hunting for some sort of werewolf clans near Texas, perhaps to form an alliance or something. Whatever the reason it seems that Klaus needs Stefan for some sort of unique ability he possesses or personality trait? It seems they'll be gone for a few episodes so Stefan is clinging to he's humanity; perhaps trying to undermine Klaus where he can. But I suspect given how it sounds like a dark arc, Stefan maybe turning to the darkside. As for Klaus, there is a hint that we see his agenda unfold and some semblance of humanity. Other spoilers by the producers say that we are probably going to the see the rest of "The Originals" being unleashed at one point (e.g. Elijah). Damon and Eleana The most unfortunate series of events is that Delena is not happening any time soon (as I suspected despite wanting desperately). It seems that early in the season Elena is trying to enjoy her 18th birthday with a party which typically ends badly. Given Lilly Roberson role as Becky, we could assume that she intends to kill the competition (i.e. Elena), but I suspect Damon will come to the rescue (as the slightly older vampire). So, expect a lot of pinning, Damon being a selfless oaf (which he despises, but has to adhere to) and a lot of Elena blushing whenever being reminded of her kissing Damon. On a positive note, it seems that Elena decides to move into the Salvatore femasion by episode 2. Caroline and Tyler Tyler gets an early date to Elena's birthday with Lilly Roberson's Becky character, perhaps to make Caroline jealous? I'm not sure? But given BTS set photos it seems that they'll end up on a lunchtime date by episode 2. Future doesn't look promising as their respective parents have a general dislike for each other since the last season finale. Other Characters Jack Coleman tends to play you typical hunter/agent character on shows(e.g. heroes), but a twist in typecasting his role would be for him to play a character that succinctly believes that all vampires are the superior race and an enslavement of the human race is needed.


I certainly hope this season will lead to the official creation of Delena! I'm a huge Delena fan, and I've wanted Damon and Elena together since season 1. After all, Nina Dobrev has already made her choice in real life since she is dating Ian Somerhalder. I know, I know, Stelena fans, that makes no difference in terms of who Elena should end up with. But, Nina and Ian look so good together in real life and on the show. I'm also looking forward to seeing a different side of Stefan. I can't wait for the new season to begin.


Damon and Elena!!!!!!!!!!!! Ripper Stefan!!! Caroline and Tyler! CANT WAIT FOR SEASON3 :D

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