True Blood Review: True Death vs. True Love

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It featured nudity, a fire, two sex scenes and a some confusing, spirit-inspired visions, but "I Wish I Was the Moon" was really all about relationships. This was as character-based an outing as I can recall from True Blood.

Think about it: can you ever recall an installment concluding with a ballad? With a forlorn look on the face of a character? With a sensual love making session? I've wondered about Eric and Sookie having sex since season one, but I never imagined their first time would be anything but violent and physical, based on lust more than love.

At Bill's Mercy

But this is a new Eric. He may infuriate Pam, but he actually teaches Bill a lesson. Forget the true death. True love means letting Sookie go, actually wanting her to be happy, even in the arms of another. Who knew Eric had that in him?

As a result, he soon had himself inside Sookie, as Team Eric fans across the nation let out a collective cheer.

The triangle that is Eric/Bill/Sookie (Erilkie?) was far from the only relationship examined this week, though. Consider:

Jason and Jess: Nothing happened... physically. But both sides recognize a connection here, as evidenced by their agreement to keep their evening together a secret from Hoyt. It's hard, and irritating, to believe the entire Hotshot angle was simply meant to lead here, to a frank discussion about Jason's insecurities and a nice speech from Jess over why he is, indeed, special, but whatever. I'm down with these two getting together. (Sorry, Hoyt.)

Alcide and Debbie: Call me crazier than the latter, but these two won't last. We all saw the look Alcide gave to Sookie, as he watched her prance into the woods with a shotgun.

*Side note: this season has been heavily based on the happenstance of people crossing paths with each other. Why, exactly, were Alcide and Debbie wandering through the forest on the way to that pack meeting? And think of everything that was set in motion simply because Sookie drove by Eric immediately after he was cursed, or by the good fortune of Hoyt and Jessica driving by as Jason collapsed on the highway.

Jesus and Lafayette: I don't really have a clear idea of what happened in Mexico, but Lafayette was able to summon a spirit because he's totes in love with Jesus. This has actually been the most stable couple on the show, which is easy to forget because they're often cursing at each other. But in a cute way.

Sam and Tommy: Apparently killing one's parents has results that go beyond mere self-loathing. At first, I was appalled when Tommy considering sleeping with Luna, but then she took her shirt off and, come on. How many guys out there would have done the noble thing there?!?

Sam did seem legitimately concerned about his brother when he found him passed out, however. That may change when he learns about what/who Tommy did. But I can at least say the storyline between these siblings kept me interested for one week.

Tara and her girlfriend: Don't smoke, kids, no matter what identity you take on. Other than that: blah.

Marnie and that old witch: Scary, cool stuff, huh? Marnie is by far the most well-developed villain the show has given us yet. I want Bill to eventually take her out, but I also wanted her to kill that vampire guard/former raping priest. A strong baddie must have an understandable backstory and Marnie has layers to spare.

What did everyone else think? Was the Eric/Sookie sex scene everything you had dreamed of and more?


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I liked that episode, but I really think it wasn't very 'True Blood'. Debbie: That crazy werewolf should get Alcide for good, that look he gave Sookie was just.... boring hot story people. Bill: I really like Bill as a king, more than Bill as Sookie's boyfriend. Eric: I don't know if this personality will stick, but I'm all team Eric guys! Jason: Ok, I'm really pissed with that whole Hotshot history only to get Jason with Jessica. Even if Hoyt is boring as hell, he doesn't deserve that (not that he could compete with Jason, but ok..). Marnie/Antonia: I love that character, really do, but how they gonna prevent all the vamps to burn? Sam: This week was a good story line for him, and - sorry Sam - I think that after this whole Tommy thing someone's ex will be pissed with you. Look out! Tara: Unnecessary. That's all. Pam: Please, give us pretty and ironic Pam back! Jesus and Lafayette: I'm just as lost as Lafayette people!


I agree with Wendy, I loved last night ep., I loved the love scene, I'm glad they made it sexy and romantic instead of violent and blood


I was NOT impressed with this episode, it left even more question unanswered than before I watched it!


My god, I don't get why Bill is full of himself. Dislike him more and more.

Doe rae me

@Aries93..Marnie is probably in her 40s. She witnessed the past through a vision, not because she was physically there. The witch that was burned on the stake is the spirit that is now possesing Marnie. That witch is the one with the vedetta with vampires.


It is true that what us Eric fans were not exactly given what we have been waiting for. Also, I have to disagree with those who say Eric will hurt Sookie after he regains his memory: so far, the only one who hurt her was Bill and I have not seen him really apologize for it.


The second this episode began with Sookie and Eric about to have sex, I just thought "Eric lovers are gonna be hatin' on Bill when he runs through that door". Was I right any Eric lovers? ;)
But y'all got your chance at it again in the woods. ;)
However, Sookie will regret it and it's not too long till Eric will get his memories back and hurts her again.
I'm liking the Holly and Andy connection. Random, but interesting.
I also am growing fonder on Tara this season and her lesbian relationship, but I wasn't happy about how she reacted to Jessica. She's never done anything horrible to Tara and she is one of the nicest vampires you could come across of.
Speaking of Jessica, I like the connection between her and Jason, but in the end, it's gonna be poor Hoyt. :/
And as much as I dislike Tommy, I couldn't help but agree with him on firing Sookie. Everything he said about her lately is very true. However, shift-shaping into Sam is not stupid and pointless as it's just an excuse to give Tommy a storyline that actually appears interesting. This is only going to end the same way it ended in season 3!
I'm very confused about Mikey. Who was that woman? A Guardian Angel? And what's up with that bloody doll!?
As for Marnie, she's boring the hell out of me. Just how old is she? In a previous episode, she witnessed a witch burning at the stake. So unless she's 400 years old, I'm not sure what place she was living where women are burned alive. Her character is very annoying. First casual possessions, now she's fully possessed? Bored now...
Speaking of magic, Jesus and LaFyette are just as boring this season. Yeah, the magic was interesting at first, but like I care about your Grandfather Jesus. He's just as boring as Marnie.
Jason's storyline is also dragging on. So you're a werepanther? You're not the first supernatural powered-being in Bon Temps, nor in your family. Embrace your werepanther nature and stop being a boring ol' character. I understand that they're following the book, but can't they put him into a relationship that involves happiness and not pining after some dumb inbred bitch?
Alcide and Debbie are irrelevant characters right now. Yet again, pointless characters put into their own undramatic storyline where it's going to prove to be pointless and no response.
As for Pam, please, don't let her deteriorate. She's too good to be killed off, however, bitch don't wanna be hurtin' Tara and her girl.


I know what u mean about the happenstance but really for all these things running around in the forest how did the were-wolves not happen across sookie and eric or jason and jessica on their run!


I'm just grateful Eric and Sookie got it on, finally!!


I have to say that I disagree with Remy- I think that Anna and Alex have amazing chemistry! However, I was hoping for a longer, closer love scene between them tonight...still amazing though...and about fricking time!!! LOL I'm so excited for the rest of this season. I totally think that Lala will end up being the one to save all the vamps from Marnie. Tara will probably team up with her.She has all that hatred for the vampires. Jason and Jess will get together at some point. I have no idea whats going on with Mikey, Arlene, and Terry. Who was that woman Mikey saw after the fire? Debbie's gonna start some trouble. And Eric and Sookie will contine to fall in love

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