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We dove right into a handful of relationships this week. To wit:

- Bill rushed in on Eric and Sookie making out. He had Eric arrested and received permission to give him the true death. Eric seemed to accept this fate and Bill was ever so close to going through with it, until he became convinced that Eric really was sincere. The guy loves Sookie! As a result, Bill let him (and Pam) go and the episode ended with... ERIC AND SOOKIE HAVING SEX!

- Pam, meanwhile, attacked Tara and her girlfriend, who came to Bon Temps and seemed accepting of Tara's old life and her lies about it.

- After killing his mom, a Shifter, Tommy was able to turn into Sam. But there were dire results: first, he slept with Luna under the guise of his brother, only to then throw her out. He also passed out from the transformation and was later found by Sam, after becoming Tommy again.

- Down in Mexico, Lafayette and Jesus were tested by the latter's grandfather. He actually had a snake bite into Jesus' neck, and then somehow helped Lafayette channel a spirit in order to save him.

- Speaking of channeling: Marnie officially channeled the dead wiccan. She basically became her while locked up in Bill's prison. She then killed the vampire guard who came to check on her.

- Arlene's son likely did something to burn down their house.

- Jason did NOT turn into a were-panther because it takes more than just a bite to accomplish that. It's a hereditary thing. But he did bond with Jessica, who came to look after him under a full moon. Nothing happened, but they agreed to not tell Hoyt.

- Debbie convinced Alcide to join a new pack.

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True Blood Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Goat tongue for breakfast. Wow. That smells well done.


I ain't never gonna forgive myself if I bite your head off.