True Blood Review: Hot Kisses and Rotting Faces

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We often give credit to the fun writing, strong acting, impeccable bodies and drool-inducing sex scenes on True Blood. But, after watching "Me and the Devil," let's stop for a moment and give props to the make-up department.

It's not easy to make Pamela Swynford De Beaufort into a hideous mess, but mission accomplished, cosmetics people. Unruly, rotting, abhorrent mission accomplished.

Rotting Pam

Of course, this is all just the preamble before getting to the heart of the episode. Or should I say the lips: ERIC AND SOOKIE MADE OUT! And it wasn't some quick peck, or some drunken regret.

It was an all-out, saliva-heavy, I-can't-bear-the-thought-of-you-leaving-me-so-come-here-and-taste-what-you've-been-craving-right-this-very-moment passionate embrace. Celebrate, Team Eric members! But then come back to reality.

Bill doesn't know about this lip lock, but he's been told of Eric's whereabouts. He knows Sookie has been lying. She's covering for his sworn frenemy. Will Bill walk in on these two
in the shower? That would definitely ruin the moment many fans have been waiting over three seasons for.

Bill is relishing his power almost as much as I've been enjoying watching him yield it, but will he react in the same punitive, cold, calculated manner with his ex-girlfriend as he did with that rule-breaking vampire from "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?" I doubt it.

But that's a moral dilemma for another Sunday. Here, the king and his sheriffs started to tackle a broader, more pressing problem: how do you deal with a partially resurrected 16th century witch who is taking over the body of another wiccan and holds a vendetta against vampires? (Look out, Google and Fox News executives!) I know Nan warned Bill against any human deaths, but surely someone can convince the politician that Marnie is anything but human.

Taking her out, in a subtle manner, of course, would be a move made with the greater vampire good in mind. It's naive to think differently, Nan.

Once again, the witches and the revamped love triangle of Sookie/Bill/Eric dominated the episode, in all the best ways, but other storylines were also furthered:

  • Tommy and Sam bonded over their mutual love of murder. Perhaps they want to continue having that conversation on a remote island someplace, far away from Bon Temps and HBO cameras.
  • Is Jason actually crushing on Jessica? Or is he just under the spell of her blood somehow? Funny, disturbing stuff with Hoyt in that dream, but he and Jessica need to work on their communication issues. Guess that's a challenge when one half of the couple is glamoured.
  • Welcome back, Tara's mother! Typically, I'd assume this Arlene/Terry/Possessed Baby thing isn't going anywhere, but with Marnie also sub-consciously channeling a spirit, maybe this will tie in to the witch storyline somehow. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part because the thought of Michael Raymond-James as Rene makes me think of Terriers. And that makes me happy.
  • An even more excited welcome back to Godric! It was a brief return, and I doubt we'll see him again, but who doesn't adore Eric's maker?!?


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Sookie should use some fairy power to save Eric and put King Bill in a corner if he tries to interfere with her new hot Nordic Sex Toy!


I loved this episode! Sookie sees that there was goodness in Eric before the amnesia, and that this was just another side of him. She said this on the couch. Their connection is so beautiful and the kiss said a million things all at once. I loved the rest of the episode too, including the sam/tommy storyline which I usually don't care for.


i love "TRUE BLOOD" Sookie and Bill are perfect for each other. I have no HBO so i cant watch it any more. Ive got the first 12episodes i watch over and over. Cant get enough of TRUE BLOOD!!


Great quotes this week, especially Bill - "Oh boy...the world needs more bee keepers" and Tommy - "It's in the Bible! You don't kill sh*t and you don't f*ck with your parents!" The only thing I found hot about the Sookie/Eric kiss was the fact that it was the first, but the dream scene with Jessica and Jason was really hot until....OMG they threw in Hoyt at the was like bursting a balloon...all the air went out...but Hoyt doing the sexy hair thing in the dream was hilarious.


This episode was pure win!!!!!!! Daniel Minahan and Mark Hudis should just take on the whole project. Hudis, Oliver and Tucker are the best writers on this show, they should be used more. Even loved the side stories again :) That said, we need more Eric/Sookie screentime, 8 minutes is not enough. But even with just that time we got so much


omg that kiss! I didn't want it to end, and now Bill is going to mess it up next episode! Dangit!! lol


I wanna see more Tara business with her girlfriend. It'd be great to see that explored further. I imagine it would after what Tara's girlfriend found out in this episode. Her character is much better this season as last season it was a river full of tears with her - and I mean Tara, not myself!

Uncle jackass

I'm not entirely sure if the Eric/Sookie scenes were exactly hot. Sookie being attracted to a childish personality Eric just appeared weird. I was pretty right that Godric's return was probably a test to trigger a redeeming quality of child Eric. The light humour of Jason was also a refreshing reprieve as he once again complained that he was being punished for having too much #$@! (reminded me of season 2). Good balance with Jessica and Hoyts in his dream. Sammy and Tommy storyline... (WARNING SPOILERS) I can almost see that Tommy eventually learnts to shapeshift into Sammy; otherwise why give a storyline about shifters turning to people. As for Sam, he's going the new pack master to deal with when dealing with the current girlfriend.


Sookie is HOT!!!


my god jessica has a cracking body am in love lol and hoyt been in jason's dream was just wrong

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