Tyler Hilton: Returning to One Tree Hill! (Major Update!)

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Tyler Hilton is heading back to One Tree Hill.

The singer/songwriter/actor teased this return on Twitter this week, writing that he's "doing something soooo exciting," and now Zap2It confirms: Hilton will reprise the role of Chris Keller for at least an episode or two.

Keller has not been seen on the show since season four. That's a decade in OTH time! Look for him to get involved with Haley, giving her a hand with Red Bedroom Records with Peyton still out of the picture.

One Tree Hill will return with its final season some time in January.

UPDATE: TV Line now reports that Hilton has been made a series regular! He'll return on the final season premiere.

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Ok. now this totally made my night!!!!! OMFG FINALLY been waiting for Tyler to come back for so long as much as chris keller was the opposite to tyler and rather arrogant and annoying - i love him to bits so long as he doesn't screw with naley. interested to see what type of storyline he'll have. best of luck tyler! love your music.


Love the news! But Pucas should be back! one tree hill deserves a perfect ending!!!!!!!!!!!!


Im happy and sad, I don't think this should be the last season, I mean gossip girl and 90210 are in the 1 million as well as OTH so they also should be coming back for their last season.


OMG I'm so excited. I loved Chris Keller. Sure he got in the way of Naley for a while but he's a great character. So funny and super hot.


that is just great but what is not great is why he is coming back, that means that chances to get hilarie and chad back for next season are decreasing, and the last season and the last episode without them would be a disaster, if they won't come back for the next season it would have been better if they ended the show after the last episode with them (it was the last ep of 5th season right? )

Jade loves dair


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