Vampire Diaries Spoilers: New Slayer, Villain on the Way!

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At Comic-Con on Sunday, Joseph Morgan said we'll learn a lot more about Klaus on season three, such as the fact that he may actually have a heart.

But Julie Plec added something even more intriguing about this character: he may not be the most villainous person on the show by the time we hit the spring of 2012.

“I would definitely say that Klaus isn’t the worst baddie that we’ve seen so far," the producer told Michael Ausiello. "It will be fun to see who’s going to steal his thunder eventually as we get deep into Season 3."

Klaus Pic

Might it be Eric?

The series is casting for a new vampire slayer by this name, a middle-aged hunk described as "Indiana Jones with a stake instead of a whip." Got any casting suggestions?

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It's Katherine, duh.


I'm officially worried for Caroline now :(. As usual tho TVD is getting even more awesome lol

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