90210 Spoiler Pics: Bikini Jousting!

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It's official: Naomi Clark either will NOT be with child on season four of 90210, despite the May finale cliffhanger, or she'll be the world's worst pregnant person.

We've come to this conclusion based on the release of a few set shots. First, we saw AnnaLynne McCord filming an upcoming scene in which she's blindfolded and bashing a pinata. Not great for a fetus, but not an automatic death sentence, either.

Now, though, we've come across a couple more photos from season four that depict nary a baby bump on Naomi... but do showcase her involved in what we can only assume is a sorority competition, one in which no expecting young woman should be involved: bikini jousting.

AnnaLynne McCord on 90210 Set
Bikini Jousting!

So, will Naomi have a miscarriage? Will the concluding scene of season three prove to be a false positive? There is a new showrunner on board, it's conceivable she just wipes the slate clean for this character.

What do you think? Sound off now in our Comments section and/or 90210 forum!

[Photos: Kevin Perkins, Pacific Coast News]

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I'm thinking that she gets an abortion or has a miscarriage because if the new showrunner seriously just disregards the whole pregnancy storyline.. that would be very stupid. Just because there is a new person in charge doesn't mean that all of the previous storylines should just be forgotten. I have to admit though.. I was kinda looking forward to watching Max and Naomi attempt to raise a baby together. Guess, like everyone else said, Naomi will just be another college girl. :P


Remember though that before one of the executive producers gave us a hint that "We don't see Naomi as a liar" meaning she didn't fake it. She must've had an abortion or miscarriage. It's the only way.


Hilarious and hot! I hope she had a miscarriage or got an abortion.


At this point, I'd say it's pretty obvious that Naomi will be nothing more than a stereotypical sorority girl this season.


so how many bikinis for Naomi this new season?


@Mark DeFields: I couldn't agree with you more. Rebecca Sinclair was a fool.


I like her with MAX. :(


Before she stepped down, I don't think Rebecca Sinclair had any idea of where to go with this pregnancy storyline. She was simply looking for a cliffhanger for the season 3 finale.


I hope she gets an abortion. As much as it's a huge debate and it would cause controversy on the subject, I think it would be a great choice for a character like Naomi. If they did do the whole "I faked a pregnancy", it's just a relapse of storylines (YET AGAIN ON PREGNANCIES/FAKE PREGNANCY) and it would just push back her character development from the mature woman she was becoming to the cunning, manipulative bitch she was back in season one and two.

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@Mark: Check out Teddy and Annie here:

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.