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Booth and Brennan are Having ...

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... a boy! OR a girl!

Right now, we don't know the gender of Booth and Brennan's future child. But Michaela Conlin (Angela) does, and says that by the second episode this fall, we will too.

Angela and Brennan will have plenty to talk about, considering Angela just had a baby and is in the process of trying to figure out how to be a working mom herself.

Baby Time!

Brennan had a lot on her mind when visiting Angela in May.

Clearly, Season 7 will be one of big adjustments for the team. The one saving grace, Conlin tells EW: “I heard there’s a full-time daycare in the Jeffersonian,” she says.

Can you see B-squared with a boy or girl?

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If Booth is as uptight with Bones Jr as he with Parker, it should be an interesting year.


I would hate to see any baby born to a God-hating atheist as bad as Brennan is. That poor baby will be so confused -- with a Catholic father and an atheist mother. God help it, whatever it is.


I think a girl would make both of them really nervous, but could possibly bring Booth and Brennan closer. But twins would be awesome. One of each!


Yes definatly agreed Sherri twins would be the bomb! Been waiting so long for them to get together. I cant wait til Nov. when it restarts! there's gonna be some bumpy roads ahead and for Booth and Bones but can't wait to see them overcone them


Oh man, they could NOT handle twins. I think it would be cute if they have a girl. I think it would be cute for Booth, since he already has a boy and I can see him totally loving having a little girl (but also being really nervous with it), and I imagine Brennan would be nervous about having a girl as well.


Sherry I agree with you, TWINS would be perfect!!!


i love bones!!!i think of each