Brewing on The Vampire Diaries: An Epic Battle!

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When we last saw Vicki and Anna, they had (somehow) returned from the dead and were standing behind Jeremy on the season two finale of The Vampire Diaries. So, they're clearly on the same side, right?


"Vicki has a master plan and it's trying to be stopped by Anna," Kayla Ewell previews to TV Guide. "A lot of what Anna says is, 'Beware of Vicki, be careful.'"

Vicki Returns!

Might that plan have something to do with Jeremy? He'll be stuck in the middle of an unusual love square on season three. Teases the actress:

"They keep hinting towards this huge epic fight between Bonnie, Anna and Vicki. If that were to happen, there would be major powers at stake there because we're talking two vampire ghosts and a witch."

Ewell admits that Vicki returns as a ghost, but she won't "just remain" that way. After all, Matt
will quickly learn his sister is back and the siblings will have to reconnect in some tangible way.

"She died and Matt never really got any answers as to why and how. They're really addressing a lot of that and our past."

But, come on, why is Vicki really back?!? Ewell would not specifiy her character's intentions. She would only say: "Vicki got screwed out of life, so she's back for redemption."

Man. Is it September 15 yet?!?

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LOVE jeremy!!!! this sounds really interesting. wonder what vicki's plan is? also thank god for matt having a storyline and jeremy being able to have more parts in the supernatural world. be interesting to see a friendship form between jeremy and matt, considering tyler will be busy with caroline *cough*

Uncle jackass

I just hope once again that we get to see other ghosts. I wonder if it's just vampire ghosts or just any of the deceased. It'll be great if we get Aunt Jenna back for a few episodes.

David and sabrina 2014

The season 3 premiere is going to start off huge. Now that Jeremy sees that Anna and Vicki have returned, he'll be stuck in a love square when he's previously in love with Bonnie. How will Jeremy and Bonnie deal with this? There's only one way to find out and that's to look out for the season 3 premiere. Why can't we be in September already? I'm to excited to wait any longer. XD =P

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