Burn Notice Review: "Hard Out"

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Welcome to Burn Notice, Gavin Rossdale!

After the disappointing appearance of The Big Show a few weeks ago, I was not sure what to expect from Rossdale’s appearance this week. I was happily surprised, though.

Where that WWE behemouth was barely on camera and almost swallowed by the scene, Rossdale - as Armand - was both suave and creepy, receiving a good amount of screen time in the process. 

Gavin Rossdale on Burn Notice

On the flip side, I was upset that Pearce and Jesse didn't get to talk longer. Her curiosity about why Jesse works with Michael after he destroyed Jesse's career should increase her trust and respect for Michael.

He is going to need it, too, because, no matter how hard Michael tries to avoid it, there is a storm coming, and Pearce could make the difference. 

Can a TV Fanatatic (possibly female) explain Fiona’s jealousy over Pearce to this simple minded male reviewer? I was as baffled as Michael was when she went into jealous mode.  Michael had clearly said she was a woman; and while attractive, I'd put her on par with Fiona, not above, so I don’t get why Fiona suddenly felt threatened or misinformed.

While we are discussing Fiona’s strange behavior, why did she decide not to tell Michael all the details about Armand, and then to get all hurt when Michael didn’t appreciate what she went through to help him? 

And, of course, poor Michael (having no idea,) looked like a monkey doing algebra while he was trying to figure out what Fiona was annoyed about.

Actually, this is a good time to mention something about men in general: Hints don’t work, tell us what you want us to know! Let me be clear: subtle hints don’t work, strong hints don’t work, really obvious hints don’t work… If you want us to know something, tell us!  

Fiona, if you want Michael to appreciate what you went through with Armand, you have to tell him prior to getting bent out shape so he can properly digest all the details and thank you!

Actually, I’m surprised Fiona let Armand get into her head at all. She seemed very well guarded when she saw him the first two times, so it was a bit of a shock he was able to rattle her about her relationship with Michael so easily in the last visit. 

Come on Fi! You know Michael loves you; you have to have more confidence in your relationship than that! 

I guess it doesn’t matter what Michael does, from Caribbean island stronghold infiltration to handling his beloved at home, he certainly had it rough in"Hard Out." I’m not expecting it to get any easier for him, as he continues to look for the man that framed him for Max’s murder while keeping the CIA off his trail.


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I completely agree with this review. Fi was attracted to her old flame and let him get into her head. Her having doubts about her relationship with Michael because of Armand questioning how her boyfriend could let her come alone to see him made no sense. She hadn't told Michael about her past intimate relationship with Armand. And when she did tell him at the end of the episode, it clearly bothered him she had kept that from him. I think Fi acted resentful toward Michael to try to justify her feelings about her former boyfriend. It's a common way of handlng guilt. It wasn't her fault she felt tempted to cheat on Michael (and I think she was tempted). It was Michael's. They say men are good at justifying infidelity. Women are just as good, if not better at it. She knows Micheal loves her, would die for her in a heartbeat and is 10 times the man her low life ex ever was. Yet she still can have doubts. Some girlfriend. And in the next epi, which I just watched, she continues to treat Michael like crap. If she keeps this up, I hope Michael tells her to not let the door hit her butt on the way out.


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I totally cannot warm up to agent Pearce... she is lame! It seemed totally out of character for her to take down Miles at the end.
also Fiona's jealousy act was really dorky! I mean acting jealous only makes you look pathetic and Fi is not a pathetic person!
There was serious lack of communication from Michael and Fi... I hope they get it together because you cannot have a relationship without talking.... so start talking. Also I hope Michael just abondons the CIA...what is he doing it for?


One point of contention, Jim. I don't think Pearce quite trusts Michael. I think she may respect him, and I think she may even like him and think he is a good person, but in their line of work asking for her to trust him may be going a little too far. Also, Lauren Stamile outright said "Pearce does not fully trust Michael" in a recent interview she did with TVLine. I do kind of want to see Pearce kept on as a fairly long term recurring character though. Like (Dead) Larry, sans the evil. Kind of like her, and I didn't know Professor Slater could kick so much ass.


But I guess Fiona expected Michael to ask more about Armand, not just let her contact him. I mean, for Fiona, it seems as if she is getting what she wants from Michael, and he seems not to mind it, so it makes her feel like Michael doesnt care about what she wants, just that she gets it.


I have to agree with Fiona getting unnecessarily upset with Michael. But I cant blame her jealousy.
Guys, you dont get it :P even if the woman is semi-pretty, we have competition :P But Fiona should have more faith in him :P


Beneath Fi's hard outer shell there is a soft, sensitive interior surrounding a strong, solid core (I suddenly crave peanut M&Ms). I think everything that's been happening the past several episodes is beginning to wear her down emotionally. She sees the way everybody involved in their lives is in constant danger and she's getting fed up with it. She was very vocal about Michael puting Sam in danger in Ep. 6. Madeline has been exposed to a lot of danger recently, starting with last year's finale. Max was murdered. Jesse was almost killed last year. And Fiona herself was partly responsible this week for someone's death. I don't think it's a jealousy issue. Fiona's just lashing out at anyone she feels is responsible for how crappy things have been recently as well as the fact that she's unable to control any of it. As for this week's episode; I thought it was great! My favorite episodes are the ones where the team or a team member is isolated out in the field and must constantly improvise in order to save themselves.


John, very well said... I like your points Fortyseven, I completely agree. I really want to see Pearce and Jesse go get drinks and her learn a bit about what others think of Michael.


Sometimes I wonder if girls like Ode are ever satisfied by men. Hint if you are not, it is because your expectations are too high and your two favorite words are "yes but". Mike shot Strickler for Fi (i.e. gave up his ticket back in) and you say yes but... Mike asks her to move in and is accepting of her redecorating and you say yes but... Mike has made Fi his top priority in life, but I guess he hasnt gargled acid while singing I love you and jumping off a building for Fi. That rat!


Fi was badly written this episode. If Jesse is going to be a regular character, he needs as much screentime as he got this episode. Pearce/Jesse had good scenes. I wanted Pearce to say: I knew you were good on paper but to see Michael Westen in action is amazing."

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Jesse: There are still 5 guys with machine guns.
Michael: Better than 40.

Pearce: Anyone tell you that your brand of espionage is hell on the nerves?
Michael: All the time.