Chris McKenna to Play Love Interest on 90210

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90210 has cast its very own Mr. Big.

That's how producers have described the role that will be taken on by Chris McKenna, who Entertainment Weekly reports will appear on multiple season four episodes.

A Relaxed Annie

Look for the actor - who has guest-starred on Rizzoli & Isles, NCIS: Los Angeles and Harry's Law, among other shows - to recur as a young, wealthy, smooth business man with girlfriends across the country. Soon to be included among them? Annie.

How will these two meet? Annie's new occupation will likely come into play.

90210 returns with new episodes on September 13.


I totally agree,lannie are the couple of 90210, she loves him and he loves her......why they give her a new love interest................jeremy/patrick and after...........Im sure there wiil have a new guy ahhhhhhhhhhhh,Stop to screwing lannnnniiiie,We dont deserv this,Liam and annie deserv to be together......


i got excited when liam produced the ring in the promo - thought it might be resembling naley but now with the news of her prostitution job and some random guy - thanks for screwing with lannie AGAIN!


Annie belong with Liam , I hate how writers always put their relationships on edge


Good news:-)

Gaby ee

Wow, looks like Annie will get some interesting storylines next season.


How stereotypical.


hope this writers make Lannie stick along so one couple on this show can prevail more than one season! AND HOPE this interest for liam and annie just stay interest! It's nice to shake things up but they need to stick together they are great together!!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.