Combat Hospital Review: Did I Miss Something?

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Combat Hospital really ticked me off this week.

"Triage" was painful for many reasons. Watching Col. Marks struggle to save his friend should have been the sole origin of my angst. Unfortunately, it ranked second to the frustration of feeling like I'd missed something.

Elias Koteas on Combat Hospital

Oh, yes. I had missed something. An entire episode, in fact. For whatever reason, ABC pulled an hour of Combat Hospital, deciding not to air "Brothers in Arms." I've heard rumors that some affiliates chose to show the missing episode in the earlier time slot, but here in the NYC area it wasn't shown and, boy, did that make this show difficult to review.

So I was left with several questions and no way of answering them. What happened with Simon's DVDs? Since when does Bobby Trang have anger management issues? Didn't Araf go to his uncle? What is he doing back at the hospital? And Rebecca and Simon had some sort of aborted date which she is really pissed off about. 

Did ABC have to pull such a pivotal episode leaving fans lost and confused?  Like I said, I have lots of questions and no answers.

But on with our show. Even having to watch it out of context, "Triage" was a great episode. Col. Marks stopped being the consummate soldier and reacted as a man doing everything to save his friend. In turn, Rebecca stepped up to make the tough decisions Marks had taught her to make, even when it meant standing up to the man himself. The question was how many lives were expendable to save one? The answer was that it depended upon what that one life meant to you.

Marks' anguish was heartbreaking. It would be one thing to watch your friend die knowing you'd done everything in your power to save him. It was quite another knowing that he died due to a lack of resources. Marks was in hell, both from his friend's death and from admitting his own weakness.

I appreciated that Simon backed Rebecca when she made the tough call and told Marks his friend had to wait. Then, his open-ended invitation to her at the end was almost sweet.

I find it hard to comment on Bobby's breakdown because I have no idea what triggered it. But I really felt for poor Araf. The ice cream cone scene was both adorable and sad all at the same time.

As a fan who invested an entire summer into this show, I'm ticked. Couldn't ABC have at least aired the missing episode "Brothers in Arms" in the dead zone of Saturday night so fans could watch the entire series? I feel cheated that I missed so much storyline. This is really how the network wanted the series to go out? Lame.


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the episode is available on if anyone wanted to know, sorry to here it wasnt shown in the US, I couldnt understand all these fourms on how they missed an episode, as downloaded both the other day, as I live in australia and I dont think it shows over here yet.


I came across this series accicdently on line in the UK and have watched every episode. I am soo very disappointed that episode 11 was not shown (in the US) and hence my not being able to download from Icefilms. I enjoyed episode 12 greatly, but was very much frustrated with not knowing what happened with Simon/Rebecca etc... Araf was back, considering only last week his uncle had taken him.. Is it true that CH has been cancelled? I have really enjoyed the series and the characters have grown on me, especially Marks.


Dear Producer,
I, along with the thousands of military and civilians who lived and fought from KAF would like to see the series continue. It brings back memories, some good, some bad of the time I spent with the medical teams at KAF in 06 and 07. I was at FOB Scorpion which was between KAF and Kandahar City and took my patients to KAF and did some training for the medics that worked there in the Emergency Department. Seeing the depiction of the Board walk, the hospital, the TOC all remind of those times and great comrades and friends.
I hope the series continues and is sucessful. I know Canada is leaving KAF and even Timmy's has closed recently, but some fine Canadian troops fought and gave the ultimate sacrifice there and I believe it fitting for Canada and the States to get a glimpse of how hard we fought to save those injured on the battlefield. Thank you,


okay so this will probably end up removed for copyrite soon but i am in the NE and we had no power so this morning i went to starbucks to watch last nights episode on sidereel and it actually showed me episode 11 so i was confused about the description lol ANYWAY the point is if u wanna watch it go to sidereel search for combat hospital and then click on "show me links" or something for episode 11 then choose megavideo and the episode was uploaded by global tv network !!!! okay hope i helped/ that it works if u look!


Damn it ABC. It's probably something on Irene, AGAIN. Network TV news specials are universally terrible, anyways, why do they bother?


I'm one of the Executive Producers and the so-called "showrunner" of Combat Hospital. Thank you so much for your thoughtful reviews of our show across the season. I'm sorry that you were frustrated by ABC's decision to skip episode 11, but when they realized they would have to end our season a week early (they told us that this was because of a news special) they thought it would be better to skip episode 11 than to skip last night's episode, 12, or next week's, episode 13. Global TV, our network in Canada (where the show is much more popular) decided to air episodes 11 and 12 back-to-back last night. Naturally I wish that they'd done that here in the US, but that was not to be. Episode 11 will also be available on Global's website, but only to Canadian viewers; I hope it will be available here in the States, but I don't know that as of now. In spite of your very understandable frustration with the missing episode, I hope you will tune in next week for the season finale, and I look forward as always to your comments about it. All the best, Dan Petrie, Jr.


And I think that next week would be the finale, because I think I remember that they showed a preview after yesterday's episode.


The episode is available on global. I live in Montreal and I can't watch ABC, and I don't know if you you will be able to watch it on Global, but you can try :P


What really irks me even more is that ABC doesn't even have the decency to put the episode up on the website; Hulu doesn't have it either.

Matt richenthal

@Sue Ann: This was the finale, that's why ABC moved it up. Consider it a SERIES finale, despite no official announcement made.

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