Rebecca: Come back.
Simon: I'll try my best.
Rebecca: Do better than that. Come back.

Bobby: Rebecca, are you OK?
Rebecca: We've all had better days.

Graham: Sir, he's from the US State Department, officially.
Marks: And unofficially?

Simon: So you don't want me to be a decent human being?
Rebecca: Of course I do. In about an hour and a half.

I am literally throwing myself at you and you choose this moment to be a decent human being.


Rebecca: I was wondering how many women have crossed this threshold.
Simon: Less than you think.

I'm putting my resources where they have the maximum chance of saving the maximum number of lives.


What's the matter darling? You've never seen a Scot on a skewer before.


Marks: Cycling, you like cycling?
Fitz: Oh, I'd never get away with those skin tight shorts.

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