Coming to Grey's Anatomy: An "All-Boys" Episode!

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The men of Grey's Anatomy are about to be showcased like never before. Get ready for an "all boys episode" (Shonda Rhimes' own words) of the hit medical drama.

Specifically, a tweet sent by the show's creator about an upcoming episode of show said: “Table read for the all boys episode of Grey’s Anatomy was hilarious!”

What does an "all-boys" episode entail for the men of Seattle Grace?

Watching in Amazement

The episode, which will be the fourth of the new season, will be told to us from an “all male” perspective - meaning they'll handle all the voiceovers, according to EW.

While new chief Owen, Derek, Alex, and the other male cast members will be narrating, a source adds that the women of Grey’s will also appear in the episode.

Centering around a disaster that takes place a Comic-Con-type convention (costumed victim included), the episode, currently untitled, has been in the works for a while.

“We have a list of things we’ve always wanted to do, and you wait until you have the right way to tell a story or the right idea to tell a story or tell it the way you need to tell it," Rhimes cryptically told EW. "This year, we have the right idea.”

Use your imaginations on that one.

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Aisha Baranowska, UK on October 22, 2009 Yeah, I hate Thorne! Sometimes I would love to smack on his face, especially when he inlutss Amaar. But, Amar always appeared to me as a good imaam and generally very innocent, holy man ready to sacrifice everything and bear everything with great patience. I feel rather sorry for him but I would like to see him doing something about it I also like to see Amaar in action, lol ;-) But, what happened to Magee? They didn't show at all, how he has left,why he's left and will he ever come back ? I thought it could finally be a story that has got an end (but I don't want it to end coz I like the show), yet after watching the new episodes, I understood it might continue without end (and leaving us no hope that Thorne will ever go away or at least change) ;(- If the show was to eventually end, I think it would be by marriage of Rayyan to Amaar which I always wanted to happen because Amaar is really good party for her and he loves her but she does not understand this yet. Maybe one day ;-) But, I don't want the show to end. I want it to continue. It's great, anyway. Can't wait to the next episodes !


I like to see the women dominate a later episode and the men to be in the background or/ better still to see an episode where all the original cast have an epiosde to themselves


When Shonda Rhimes says they are going to try some new ideas, I get worried. Like her idea for the musical episode which was really horrible, I hope she keeps it realistic. The seasons that have been the best have been the storylines that were really realistic until she started doing weird things. The reason the fans gravitated to the series to begin with is because the characters (especially the originals) were believable.


Wish it was all McDreamy. I'll wait and see if it pans out or if it turns into the boring episode of the season.


Thank the heavens. As a Grey's fan who is indifferent bordering on not liking Meredith and who tends to find the males more interesting at times then the females I look forward to this. A few of the male characters are underused or used as vessels to aid a more female s oriented storyline so maybe this will flesh out some of these characters that we see but don't really *know*. I'm all for a bit of the boys club action. I hope this idea works and reaches the full potential that has.


It will be cool if Meredith and Derek reconcile in the end of
this forth episode.


Sounds good.


Shonda said a list of thingS they always want to do,thanks for all-boys ep's fun, but please don't make any triangle like that
AriCallieMarkLexi Jason ApriAlexlizi


sounds good
all GA's male character are pretty good looking(my husband said that ) so hopely the all-boys EP will bring new fans into S8


Izzie had been often hilarious.GA lost its humour upon her departure.(sight) One more clue for all boys episode- just to taste some of the fun.

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