Coming to Grey's Anatomy: Owen-Derek Bonding!

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Can you say bromance? Owen and Derek will be doing some serious male bonding on Grey's Anatomy this fall, with the surgeons turning to one another in time of need.

"Derek and Owen are dealing with the twisted sisters - Meredith and Cristina - who are very connected and very similar in a way," Kevin McKidd tells TV Guide.

"So, they try to get away from the women a bit more."

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What does time away from the women entail for these two?

"Owen starts helping Derek build his house, so they bond over that and the manliness of being outdoors and carrying wheelbarrows full of rocks," McKidd says.

"It's a way for both of them to decompress from all the pressure."

Considering he's going to be the new chief of surgery on top of dealing with the fallout from Cristina's decision - whatever it might be - decompressing will be much needed.

Are you excited to see this Grey's friendship explored more?

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Have a feeling this bromance will be BLAH! Ok their wives are the twisted sisters and BFF, but please these two have never been close. Like someone else said, this seems like a forced friendship, much prefer Mark and Derek doing this kind of thing as it takes Mark out of Calzona's scene for a little while. Maybe a jealously storyline will feature lol.


I think Derek must literally be building the house cos it's taking so long to merDer to move in! If Hunt gonna loose his twisted sister, and gonna be swamped with being the chief, is he really going to have much time for house building? I don't expect too many scenes of Der's building site


Owen and Derek could be okay but their bromance seems a little forced to me. It's appears much more natural with Mark and Derek. I guess we'll see Owen and Mark bonding over their version of love for the twisted sisters.


Owen-Derek, handsome Gentleman,thoughtful Husband,brilliant Doector, I like their interaction,like
Owen sent Derek a bestketball as chief gift, Derek told Owen ET story, funny & smart
Please give them more screentime


Since mark is now taking care of me *my name is sofia by the way* there will not be anymore golf three ways - sad day...


I see another fishing trip coming up folks!


Hilarious comment Me2.0 definately well said. As for the new bromance are they pulling each other outta a funk? Or is it a case of keeping the competition close? Or maybe Derek is gonna tell Owen what to expect being Chief. Anyways look forward to different kind of friendship and maybe Mark will get jealous cos Derek hasn't come to him this time. I'm gonna hope by the end of this episode both Derek and Owen realise they need their wives.


@Me 2.0: I'm actually laughing so much right now! Best comment I've seen in a while! XD


I agree, it will be nice for them to find friendship in each other especially at such an important time for both of them. I do disagree however with some of you who think that both Owen and Derek are being asses. I think Owen is being unreasonable for expecting Christina to do something he knew she didn't want to do since before he married her. I'm not arguing for a pro choice argument or anything, but he knew she didn't want kids. As for Derek, I don't think he is out of line, Meredith crossed a line and what she did was wrong. The only thing about him I think was wrong is walking out on Mer. When they wrote their post-it, they promised to not ever walk away, he broke that promise the second things went pear shaped.


@Me 2.0 your comment made me lol, and I also couldn't agree more(:

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