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Finally! It has been a long time coming for Annie's guilt to take center stage on Covert Affairs.

During "Sad Professor," Danielle became increasingly more suspicious about her sister's crazy work habits, while Annie seemed to finally come to grips with the idea of telling her sweet sister the truth.

Joan and Jai

Whether it was Danielle's early suspicion and car chase with the super spy shades on, or her inability to get through to anyone at the Smithsonian about needing to find "ANN-NEE WALK-ERRR," Anne Dudek was terrific this week.

And in a nice bit of storytelling, the Covert Affairs team did a wonderful job coming up with an A plot that would nicely coincide with Danielle's suspicions. The parallels between Annie's relationship to her sister, and Professor Mark to his wife Safia, were enough to make Annie seriously think about telling Danielle the truth about her occupation.

Safia was absolutely torn apart when Annie told her that her husband was in the CIA. Annie saw, in that moment, what her sister might feel if she ever found out. The look on Piper Perabo's face, and the gasp she let out after Annie showed Safia the safe deposit box, was nothing short of superb.

Did Auggie explaining to Annie that eventually he told his brother about his position at the CIA convince her to tell Danielle? The final moments of "Sad Professor" made it seem that way, but we will won't know for sure until next week's summer finale... and maybe not even then.

As great as Christopher Gorham was in "Half A World Away," he really is in his element in an episode such as this. Scenes in which Auggie gets to give Danielle excuses for Annie by describing their jobs at the Smithsonian almost exactly the way he would describe a position in the CIA are both brilliant and hilarious.

While the longer running story of Annie and her sister progressed nicely, the episodic plot was just as interesting. There were a couple of twists and turns, as Annie had to console the grieving wife... then the wife became the culprit... then Annie got her to help solve the case.

Arthur got to give a heartfelt speech about only 103 CIA agents having been killed in action, Jai got to go on a mission with an attractive young woman in her underwear, and Joan made a big decision to bring Professor Mark's killers to justice.

With only one episode left for the summer, there aren't really any loose ends to tie up, so I'm assuming things will be left with somewhat of a cliff hanger. What are you expecting from next week's summer finale?


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There seems some connections between auggie and annie, why don the writer try to put them together as a couple, they look nice together


The quote to the right is funny.


Auggie making the Smithsonian sound like the CIA is one of the funniest and most awesome things ever. My hope for the finale: Ben dies saving DC from a terrorist attack.


Maybe Ben should be the one that is captured somewhere in Syria or Iran and Annie and Joan have to go in again. They made a great team. You could always bring in the Israeli's to top it off. Interesting trifecta...... just saying.


I really enjoy Covert Affairs every week, wouldn't miss it for anything! The cast is terrific across the board, and I like it that each character has had more of a role this season and all have grown as a result. The Annie/Augie dynamic should continue to be center stage, I think. Maybe Augie could go to the field occasionally!? I gave some thought to "it's missing something that I can't quite put my finger on." When I compare it to Bones and In Plain Sight, two of my other faves, I think CA may lack depth, the human factor, something touching and real that stays with us each week. Both Bones and In Plain Sight have that. When those shows end, they always leave you feeling something, with something to think about. For example, when Augie showed Annie his picture of his Green Beret unit, I loved what he had to say about it, how he couldn't see the picture but he could -- it was touching and real. That's what I mean. Not enough of that on this show! Something for next season!!!


Excellent review of an excellent episode. I really liked the episodes showing Annie's growing physical competance this season. After a weak season start, in the last few episodes They have her taking out folks she should be able to take out, and struggling with people she might logically be expected to have trouble with. I had no problem with Safia using an oar on the guy which allowed Annie to swing the boat and push him overboard. The writing is getting better. I think you are right on to expect a significant cliffhanger at the end of the next episode. I'd be astonished if there wasn't one to tell the truth. What might it be? Fun question. There are, in theory, countless possibilities. However, with Joan and Arthur currently doing well domestically, absent Annie getting shot (over used lately in major series), Joan or Auggie being captured by enemy agents, or something out of left field related to Ben (which I do not expect), two of the most obvious based on the series to date are to leave Annie and Danielle's relationship up in the air after Annie discloses she works for the CIA (which looks like it's going to happen sooner rather than later), or something related to the Liza Hern leak/Henry Wilcox's treason, and Jai's choice between loyalty to his Dad or his country. Definitely looking forward to episode 10. The gap to the next six, not so much though it's better than waiting the better part of a year. The big cliffhanger is renewal of the series. I expect it based on ratings, but they haven't done it yet.


loved the maine scenes. beautiful state in all seasons(#2 home). yes! piper is superb using her body language to convey messages and also wonderful at drawing one into her character. the lies have become too much for annie. she has to tell danielle.the best part annie will have homefront support. auggie was sweet reaching out in friendship to danielle. he's so good with women,isn't he? um...the professor brought her into the cia? what was last season about? agree with terri,its missing something. probably consistency.haven't enjoyed this season as much. only watched a few episodes more than once. whereby last season,i was pathetically into this show

Terrie lynn mcdonald coleman

I think the season ender will have Annie ALMOST telling Danielle about her job. I don't think she will do it yet. I fully expect to see a cliff hanger type ending such as Annie being in danger and telling Danielle to get out of town(which was in the previews) I like this show but think it is missing something that I can't quite put my finger on..........


I would also like to note Auggies peculiar reaction to Annie's Doctor Scott

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Covert Affairs Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Auggie: It'll be easier coming from a friend.
Annie: It would be easier coming from her husband.

Sit down and eat with your sister. Do you remember her? The one who bakes you goodies every day.