David Shore on House Season 8 Additions, Subtractions, Surprises

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Give David Shore points for honesty.

In a wide-ranging interview with TV Line, the House creator admits he was taken aback by Lisa Edelstein's departure and that the show had to scramble to write her character out, while also replacing her in the hospital.

House Gets Away

Possibly heading into its final season, and with many changes ahead, Shore speaks on new cast members and a return to the drama's old ways. Read the full interview with Michael Ausiello and enjoy the snippets below.

On replacing Cuddy with a familiar face: "We decided to [go with someone in House's orbit] instead of trying to recreate Cuddy and put [an actor or actress] in the unenviable position of being compared to her, which will happen anyway. This allows us to put a character the audience has seen before in a new situation and to have House judge them on that. It changes the whole dynamic between the characters."

Yes, House will start the season in prison: "I do feel strongly that he was not trying to kill anybody. He was acting out in a violent way, which is not a responsible action. And we feel strongly on the show that actions have consequences. And House has to pay a price."

The October 3 premiere will pick up months after the events on the season seven finale.

Why Charlyne Yi? "We saw some of her standup and she is a quirky, interesting individual - and yet real and sympathetic. And we had been thinking of [introducing] a character who comes from a bit of an Old World background, and she seemed perfect for it."

Classifying Olivia Wilde as a "movie star," Shore said Thirteen will only appear on an episode or two. Overall?

"I want to say we’re very happy with [the coming season]. This has turned out to be a real opportunity. We’re really doing some cool stuff at the start of the season and it’s pumped some fresh blood into the show - not that we needed it."


“in no pairtcular order”. And Razor was good, but not great this year. I also hate to admit it, but I kind of forgot about Curb. Oops.


as I said on a previous post, this show, one of the best ever written has fallen into inanity. Stop trying to fix House or punish House because it makes the writer feel better... Let House be House.. or do us all a favor and let this show end.. Painful.. I could care less about Cuddy/Huddy/Buddy .. Just give him his meds, let him get to work and let's all enjoy our House.. But , no, I can see another season of tedious soul searching ahead.


In the beginning.....House was mind blowing and now its hardly the same thing. Its tv people, we ought to love it and since we obviously arent, just make us love it............


Maybe Lisa left because you keep denying that your title character tried to kill her character and she felt disrespected.


@Jay59 Jennifer Morrison was a integral part of the show, too. Re-Watching season 1-3 please, the golden years (better writing, better ratings with 20 millions of viewers and 6.0 18-49 rating, better prestige, better critics and better awards) Cameron was more important here than Cuddy. Watching the original show, the last seasons are just a worst parody.
Sorry for my English


Olivia Wilde should be ashamed. House MD has been vital to her movie career and she can't even stay for the last season. Write her out, and soon, please.


I am so disappointed about Lisa leaving the show. I feel there's something other than the cut in pay that caused her to leave. I wish it could/would be rectified. I will watch it in this season but i know my heart will not be in it anymore w/o Lisa. I was upset when they wrote off Jennifer Morrison, but Lisa?? God, she was an integral part of the show and w/o her, i just don't see it working very well. It was almost an irony that she quit, after all, in the last show, House driving thru her house was like a perfect reason for her to pull up stakes & find a new job, but still, Lisa was a good foil for House & no one will ever take the place of her. She was one of the main reasons i watched & i will miss her immensely.

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