Glee Casting Calls: Mean Girls, Linebackers, Math Teachers!

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Attention, Glee fans: we have casting news that actually does NOT involve the mess that has become of Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith's roles on the show.

Brittany on Stage

As first reported by TV Line, the series is seeking a slew of new actresses/actors for new roles on season three. They are:

  • Sugar: Compared to a high school version of former Real Housewife of New Jersey Danielle Staub. That's not a compliment.
  • Sheila: A tattooed mean girl.
  • Bubba: A linebacker.
  • Nancy Bletheim: A geometry teacher who doesn't care for the arts and will likely get along well with Sue.

Got any casting suggestions for these roles?

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dont like any if them so far.


All math teachers are evil, some just happen to hide it better...

Uncle jackass

Really, I geometry math teacher that doesn't like the arts, but likes cheer-leading?


i could totally play a mean girl.
and i would let glee tattoo me lol.
god what i would give to be on this show.
o well a girl can dream


Forget all these new characters, fire Will and replace him with new teacher/ND coach Sean Hayes and get back to dark comedy and fun and not so damn saccharine. I'm all for making it acceptable to be a geek but the group hugs and vomitus waffle from Will makes me ill, he's made all the kids soft with his judgmental/patronising 'lessons'. And please let the kids be able to say what they think, if I hear one more character say "I'm not good at saying what I think, but I can sing it/so I'll sing it instead" I may punch my tv, it's so damn cheesy and cliche it's become a joke (it's a wonder any of them will graduate if they're that dumb and unskilled with their language).


does anyone know if they're holding auditions and if so are they open auditions, if anyone has further info could they comment a link :) thaanks


Sugar: Amanda Setton
Shelia: Gia Mantegna
Bubba: Sean Faris
Nancy: Emily Blunt That's who I wanna see cast. Though all are highly unlikely considering Glee usually tries to find unknown talents to star on the show. :)

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