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House Season 8 Promo: In Prison...

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House does not air new episodes until October 3, but fans of this Fox drama can enjoy their first look at season eight in the following promo, which asks an interesting riddle:

When is a single word a long sentence? The answer: Prison.

That's where House will find himself when the series returns, about a year after events from the controversial May finale. Check out a few scenes of the doctor behind bars below. He'll meet an eventual new team member played by Odette Annable there.

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Does anyone know if season 8 will be the last?


Tune in to FOX Mondays and watch a guy taking a crap and House getting the crap beat out of him. Must-see TV!

Uncle jackass

House is in prison because he rammed Wilson's car into Cuddy's house after realising that life wasn't going his way. Thus, he fled to the tropics, but most likely had to face the extradition back to Jail. As for the promo music, it reminded me of the music on fireflys.

Josie leeds

I obviously nodded off before the season finale...WHAT is House doing in prison???


that's going to be rough :)

House Quotes

People don't get what they deserve. They just get what they get. There's nothing any of us can do about it.


House: Lift up your arms. You have a parasite.
Jill: Like a tapeworm or something?
House: Lie back and lift up your sweater. You can put your arms down.
Jill: Can you do anything about it?
House: Only for about a month or so. After that it becomes illegal to remove, except in a couple of states.
Jill: Illegal?
House: Don't worry. Many women learn to embrace this parasite. They name it, dress it up in tiny clothes, arrange playdates with other parasites...
Jill: Playdates...
House: (showing her sonogram) It has your eyes.